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Six-years-old, you read really good. Your Valley may have a year ever comes in that truck. Is there a musical? Let me interrupt you for a second. Let me ask you a question. You said a while ago, that you wanted to read War and Peace? Why where did you hear about that book? And why do you want to read it? And learn about, I learned about that on, Happy New Year, Charlie bears with the Peanuts movie. Oh, they talked about it there. And you want to read it, huh? I want to bring it. I was bored. 1968. That's a really really big book. That's scary to want to read something that big No, no, it's fine to read. Like the one that Charlie Brown was three. What other books have you finished? Did you get through a whole book before? Get to the end, like name a couple of books that you've read all the way through Thursday, we're so, what's the, the creepy carrot story about? It's a great pumpkin, all about gas for rabbit and what do you do? Take carrots off the field. Okay, with that creepy pair of underwear. What, what does he do? He started to dig, he made the whole phone, it can see a 100 years ago, he dropped where the depot already. So what are you reading? What you want to read? Besides Warren, peace. Something that you haven't read before. What else? I'll go find them. Oh, okay, it's got a big stack of them over on the stairs, off the books. So, how long has he been reading? Would you say since he was three and half? And when you say he was reading since he was three and half what was needing at that age? Dr. Seuss and could he figure out the words himself or did you read it to him a couple of times? And then he started reading, he started reading on his own home. What what do you think caused them to start wanting to read and to read such an accelerated Pace? I don't really know. He just when he first started talking, his first page, where his alphabet and his numbers and he would sing like, he had his Leap Pad tablet, and he would watch Scout and friends from Georgia. I forget what they're called LeapFrog LeapPad, right? Right. He would always sing the songs and he knew his his letter, sounds that was his big thing. As first thought she was seeing where his name. So I think you really learned from that and when he reads these books is he really reading it. It's not just faking it telling a story based on the issues or anything. No, he's reading it and then he looked at the pictures because he likes to use expression. When he reads, yes, I could tell that he should look into doing audio books. Did he do something they'll take their income shall see some of your books? I think, one of his first books he was reading was the what was the, it's not creatures. What was that dr. Seuss 1 a.m. oh yeah and Hop On Pop or his first books. He was reading. Well no, you just have to show that you want to start reading that. You haven't read yet. What? What do you think you have not read yet? Well, tell me what the crap? What are all the titles that you have right now in front of you off? Please Curry. To the taxi driver. He doesn't want to be late for his train today. He's going on much money on a much-needed vacation. So, do you guys take them to the library, very much. The last time we were at the library was off. Last, February know, cuz of all the covert stuff. Yeah, we just started taking them to the library and then covered her. He has thought we were going to get him his library card, but Less Pleasant, miss that. So she, we couldn't get him as a library card, and then everything, shut down this myself off, Mc. Donald house on David. Cooper, feels so long. 5796 holding up here and you want to start raising a David Copperfield. Read me a page of that. I watched her page of that. One for him is very long book. I just read the first page about the office Thursday morning, 12 in lamp, Inland port, and land for 1414 Portuguese club. Anyway, he was the fact of being a family that took three went as my problem. When I was twelve, his father was off the rolling. White and when works in the mood for the boil, a white and went to work in a warehouse in a newspaper, man. Yep. Words on welfare and you read very well when you do read that book, how about you? Let me know what it's all about. That a deal. Okay, when you get done maybe by that time, I'll have some more for you. That's not like a deal. All right, all right. Well then thank you for talking with me today about your reading and it's really cool to see them doing so well, I want to see what else you get into in the next couple of years. All right, okay, by my fan

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