How to Ask for What You Want and Get It


If you're making a list of goals one thing may stand out many of the things we need to succeed require that we ask something of someone else and for a lot of us. That's hard people just don't like to ask for things whether it's a raised or directions or help with housework the reluctant to ask for what we want to be a huge stumbling block in life. Today we're going to hear how anyone can get past that reluctance and also tips. That will make a yes more likely when you do make the ask to learn how we talked to dr polina neil. Dr neil's an executive coach consultant and founder of unabridged. An international coaching practice. Here's what she had to say. Welcome dr neal. Well thank you delighted to be here so it seems that a lot of people are afraid to say straight out what they want. Why is that great question. I think there's a number of reasons. One of them is that we are frayed. It's that for litter f word that can stop us in our tracks. And i'm actually talking about fear which is a very powerful emotion motivator both towards ended gaidon something and we know that veer activates our fight or flight response that originated to keep a say in the face of danger and it also gets activated in response to potential emotional threats so asking someone out on a date where the outcome is uncertain can feel very much like an emotional threat in terms of possible rejection were failure embarrassment and i think another reason that i see especially with many of my clients is about knowing what we want and know how so with respect to knowing this actually times when when people simply don't know what they want hence they don't what to ask for into this often requires some time to reflect on what we want and there's also times when we actually don't know how we don't feel necessarily competent in terms of are asking skills which is actually something that we need to practice. And why is it important to ask for what you want. Even if you might not get it will i think there's a number of reasons from the importance of self expression sharing your inner voice for sharing your voice speaking up for yourself being able to expose your creative self proactively advocating for your needs and getting goes needs met role modeling all the way to being the leader. That you want to be is a person or juris

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