Why USC's Evan Mobley Is the Best Big in the 2021 Draft


For the next two months in advance of the two thousand twenty one nba draft that is scheduled for july twenty nine. We're going to be dedicating an episode of beyond college basketball. Podcast to notable prospect. Same way we did in advance of last year's nba draft. We started this series last week with a twenty two minute profile of kate cunningham. If you missed it and you're interested don't find it today. We will turn our attention to another prospect who seems like lot to go in the top five of the two thousand twenty one nba draft. His name is evan mobile. he's a seven foot center. Who averaged sixteen point four points. Eight point seven rebounds. Two point nine blocks in two point four assists in thirty three point nine minutes per game in his one season at usc shop fifty seven point eight percent from the field. He was the pac twelve player of the year freshman of the year and pac twelve defensive player of the year. He was a consensus second team. All american who led usc to the elite eight of the ncaa tournament. Most mock drafts have him second or third in this. Two thousand twenty one. nba draft. So let's start with this dead leg. Is evan mobely to you clearly. Unquestionably the best big in this rat. Yes i think. That is unquestionable. We agree. I mean at this point. How about this. How about this for a quick complica- compare him to a recent big one. He played against and was good against james wiseman to me mobilize more versatile player with the higher upside and a year ago in a weaker draft. Class what's interesting is wise men went second moby might wind up going second or third we mentioned in the previous partly sided. I don't think he's going to go. I in this draft because of centers. And how they're viewed and how their role is changing By the year but it is interesting like if you put mobile wiseman even knowing what wise. Men's out like a year ago i would have said the same thing i think i would still take mobely over wise men coming out of college and we agree on the sofa. If we agree there yes mobis got to be the best big available in this

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