Interview With Stuart Cory: DPE and United Airlines Captain


Stuart. What's going on. Welcome to the pilot by the podcast adjusting. Thanks for abc excited. Have you on our talking before about how this has been about a year in the works and what we know but most people don't know is you actually gave me my. Atp check cried Seems like forever. Go now in northeast. Ohio idea on a very cold northeast ohio day. That's right very very cold day. That was that was interesting I recommend everyone to make sure the heater works before you go take a check ride off. It's definitely fun in A good flight. that's for sure. I don't think i've ever been that cold in airplane. Yeah what's funny is an hour trying to line this up. I did that about Two or three months ago. I did a cheque right in that same clean and the heater tripped off during the flight in twin and ended up giving the his My gloves because he didn't have any clubs out. You know if you had clubs. Have i think i think transfer controls zala shit but we transfer controls for about ten seconds Period gonna during your check ride. So he's the is about. The cold was yeah it was. It was pretty rough so things things sometimes. Don't change that airplanes still active little

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