Stuff Happens to Your Head, What Are You Gonna Do?


I remember i would fall along bit in a bunk bed. I was on the top bunk. And i would get over a railing and just fall six feet to the ground just land. I mean just all you don't catch yourself. It's just whatever hits i all your body. Wages lands on your head. I got a full-blown concussion. I'm crying parents are like just go back to deep sleep for seven hours of had three concussions in my life and none of them because the sports just just living life man stuff happens your head. What are you going to one was in high school. I got pushed into a wall headfirst and it took them three class periods to figure out ahead of concussion. That's how much bringing to the table to teachers. Didn't even notice and the third one was like he wasn't facing ford and that's when i realized he's one of the better face her ford's i've ever had a my biggest concussion was when i was twelve years old. I fell down a cliff so i grew up in old hickory tennessee and we used to climb down this cliff and old hickory lake. And we've done at times. And so one day i slip and fall so my friend that i'm with he goes and gets my mom. There was a guy fishing and a boat down in the lake and so he sees me and he gets me ended the boat and then he takes me over some stairs which he had to be like. Why didn't he just use these state. I mean they were right next to that clinton even make sense. There was two guys at the bottom of the steps. And they go he goes. Hey this kid fell. Can you carry them up so they carry me up and my mom's in an ambulance in her pajamas. My dad who. I think everybody knows now is a magician. And he's he's doing a show in a full tuxedo to the hospital. The doctor starts talking to my parents have been mom looks homeless. My dad's in a tuxedo looks it. Looks like they're divorced in someone's not paying child support

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