F1's Austrian Grand Prix Review


Stopping made it look easy as he crushed red opposition with a win at formula one austrian grand prix ahead of our remorse. Ask amland norris max. Thirty two point lead in the world championship with a third straight victory but his title ribald is how much could only manage for as he battled damage to the rear. His mercedes at the start for stopping was able to clear from fellow front runner landowners who kept sergio perez of behind often safety cau- caused by estimate opened retiring on the restart lap such peres attached norris on the outside at time. Four however perez runway through the gravel which sent him back to ten as the pack rush cost. How much am bought us moved up to third and fourth respectively. The shoe it's would later. Rule lander deserve to five second time penalty announced on the same lap. Hamilton would finally get past the first writing mclaren on lap. Twenty the five second way at the fast round of stops meant that brought us but also get ahead in the pit lane author imagine comfortably in the lead for stopping continued to build his gap at the starts at the second stint which quickly became a considerable advantage as how much began to struggle for reagan as a result of damage sustained to the left. Raritan i'm accepts is of the car. Lewis was being brought in by batas a norris when radio messages indicated mercedes wanted us to stay back from hamilton but mclaren responded by pushing norris close to task however as hamilton struggled with retraction. Mercedes instructed them to invite and bought us. Swept past often is yousef hamilton track. Lewis took another pit stop as he would drop back into position but he couldn't make progress with ten laps to stabbings advantage. Were so great that he had enough time to pit for a second time and the foster slap bonus point target out of sight for the rest behind. Hamilton peres would finish fifth on the track but dropped to sick after penalties for twice forcing charlotte cloud the track. Carla signs was lost. The office waiting until lap forty nine get rid of his hard tires will be allowed pasta plough on track as he had more pace to attack recorded. Who had been running to insects. Ghazni was lead to start running in ninth while fernando alonzo to the final point to deny george russell who had lost several places on the evening lap having started a

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