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Border regions in Texas and Arizona. Florida Governor Ron de Santa says he's heard in Texas Greg Abbott and Arizona's Doug Ducey police for experienced help for Border enforcement. Florida is the first one to answer the call. We're going to have personnel from our state law enforcement agencies, and then we have a number of our sheriff's departments, who raised their hand. They want to be part of it as well. De Santa says Florida officers will head to both states to assist saying border insecurity issues there are leading to crime problems in Florida, too. In Broward County, Florida, Evan Brown Fox News, a software bug in a major network provider, briefly knocked offline dozens of financial institutions, airlines and other companies across the globe during peak Asian business hours last night. Akamai, which runs one of the Internet's main content delivery systems, said the outage was not caused by a cyber attack or a system update. Most outages appeared to end after an hour or so. Order the top men's tennis players in the world, says he's skipping two major competition. 20 Time Grand Slam singles champion and two time Wimbledon winner Rafael Nadal announced today on social media that he will not participate at Wimbledon, which begins June 28 or the Tokyo Olympics. 35 years old, fresh off losing in the semifinals at the French Open, Nadal wrote. The fact that there has only been two weeks between the French Open and Wimbledon did not make it easier on my body to recuperate after the always demanding clay court season, aware of his position to potentially Great guitar with Roger Federer for the most Grand Slam singles titles, Nadal wrote. Sport Prevention of any kind of excess in my body is a very important factor at this stage of my career. Nadal will also forgo the chance to win a second Olympic gold medal. Jared Max Fox News and the agent for Naomi Osaka, says she will also skip Wimbledon but will play in the Olympics. Osaka was born in Japan withdrew from the French Open after the first round. I'm Lee Silva,

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