A highlight from Big Apple Political Fights


One a big week for president biden's domestic agenda too high profile items infrastructure and voting rights face. Critical tests will discuss that. Plus the new york city mayor race heats up one day before voters head to the polls. And we'll tell you how rank choice voting is causing some concern and finally vice president harris dumping for the child tax credit but ease this new benefit contributing to rising inflation. This is a huge week for a couple of president. Biden's key agenda items infrastructure and voting rights. Let's start with voting rights tomorrow. The united states senate is expected to vote on the for the people act. This is that bill known as hr one it already passed the house and in the senate. It faces a wall of republican opposition. In fact it only became recently. Clear that there's a possibility that fifty democrats will be on board with something this week. That's because west. Virginia democratic senator joe manchin put out his own proposal of the kinds of things that he could get behind in a voting rights. Bill he is not four the for the people act. Joe manchin has said that bill as is will never get vote so once he put out his proposal of what he could get behind. It actually got quite a positive reception from key players in this space. One stacey abrams who sort of the leader in the democratic party on all things voting rights but also a key liberal figure in bernie sanders. Who said that he could get behind some of the things joe mansions talking about and yet just having fifty democrats in a unified democratic party will not actually get voting rights legislation over the finish line. There's no reconciliation rule here folks. They need ten republicans to join them and those republicans are clearly not currently in the cards. Here's white house. Press secretary jen psaki about the path. Forward it's a step forward We don't expect there to be magical ten votes. I'm not suggesting that but just two weeks ago. There were questions about whether democrats would be aligned. We certainly hope that will be the case tomorrow. Also on the docket. This week is infrastructure. You may recall last week. We talked about this steady but slow progress toward a potential bipartisan infrastructure. Bill that still seems very much in the realm of possibility in fact press secretary. Jen psaki said today that we should expect president biden to welcome some members of congress to the white house over the next couple of days to hammer out a compromise. Deal if there is one to be had the hold up here folks is how it's going to get paid for. It seems everyone is on board with the notion of a trillion dollar bill. It's how you're gonna pay for it without raising taxes which republicans won't support or creating new user fees which joe biden has said. He is not all interested in because he sees that like a middle class tax hike to some degree. It is clear now that we will likely learn by the end of this week if there is truly a deal that joe biden is supporting and throwing his weight behind and as much as these incremental developments matter on these big ticket items. There are two huge issues that are shifting beneath the american people's feet right now as we emerge from the pandemic the overall economy and crime which is on the rise in america so much so that joe biden has added dealing with crime and putting forth crime prevention strategies to his agenda later this week. So keep your eyes on those big issues while these washington battles continued to play out. Now

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