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Scene of this offseason quarterback drama right and russell. Wilson's gripe from. They've gotten a little lost in the shuffle but he's cleaning it all up now we'll tell you how in moment you also cure rut. The nfl live everyone. We got packed. Show for you today. Meena kinds louis riddick and kimberly martin here with you for the hour coming later. The reason cuyler murray is under more pressure than cliff kingsbury next season. But we've again everybody in seattle with russell wilson. And after he made it clear he was unhappy with the seahawks and may want out. The info came to light that he had four teams. He'd be okay being treated too heavy chicago. Vegas dallas in new orleans but for now we'll be seattle. Here's what he had to say about. Some of his previous comment in terms of the trade talks. Think any time you play professional sports. There's always a possibility of something happened right. And i think that's just the reality. I think that there's a lot of teams out there. That people were saying that i was going to are we go to. I requested a trade. I did not request the trae I've always wanted to play here You know in the reality. Is you know Calls were getting thrown around. And this and that. And i think that's a reality but at the end of the day the the real reality is. I'm here and i'm here to win. I'm here to win at all all right so there you go russ's smile during that i think is telling unicom smile watching him sale of that telling you. What do you make of rosa's comets. I mean the teams names out there. The teams that russell wilson would have hypothetically been open to going to. They were out there for a reason we can parse out who put them out there. Who said what to who but what we do know. And i think i feel comfortable saying this is that pressure was applied. And at this moment it's not about brother. Russell wilson wants to leave the seahawks. He's going to be a seahawk in two thousand and twenty one. It's about the pressure to wit the pressure to win. Now the pressure to ask sports not ask your organization to maximize the roster during your super bowl window. And i think that's the question that the seahawks team is going to face the season. Obviously it's a question. Every team faces. But i think more so for seattle. Did you do everything in your power to appease your quarterback improve the personnel around him so that they can win now because if they don't. I think all of these questions will come back next offseason. Look i think. There's no doubt that would brussels saying was this. You never heard me say. I want to eat traded joe myth. My agent may just intimated today. There's a couple of teams that even play for if you want to trade him if you happen to want to deal him somewhere else. But i didn't say it because you know what i mean. Russell us to know this. Here's the plan. Here's the plan on both sides. Right if i get outta here. These are places i'd like to. I like to go. If he's decided to trade. If not these also still look look in the faces of the other fifty two players in this locker room. I still need to have the trust of my offense line and not have to trust them. I still have to have to trust the metcalf in tyler lockett. They have to trust me. I still have a young guy. Like s futures company. Who i'm real excited about a guy was a speed bernard so i still may be here and now that i m here. I need everybody to know that. I'm moving forward but look everybody in the nfl. They're big boys. Grow many understand how the business works and they understand for sure. Laura how the landscape has changed nowadays. When it comes to quarterbacks and high profile players overall they will the power now and they're gonna use it when they see fit your and that's why maybe i'm crazy but listening to russell. I couldn't help but think of aaron rodgers. i couldn't help but think in a couple months. Are we going to be listening to aaron rodgers. Say similar things. As far as i always wanted to be here. I love this city. I wanted to finish my career here. But you know things kind of snowballed and and here's the thing lose mean touched on it start. Qb's they're putting their organizations on notice so even though russell is back in seattle and he's happy he put everybody on notice that there could be a future without me here as much as he may not have said that. There's been enough talk where it now. We can envision. He's he's there in twenty twenty one but what about twenty twenty two. Same thing with aaron rodgers. He comes back in twenty twenty one. But there's a future beyond their current franchises. and now i think all this star. Qb's from tom brady rodgers. they all know that there's life beyond where they are right now. They have a lot of powers of what will this actually look like. In two thousand twenty one let us cook courses seahawks offensive mentality. Wilson's detail wasn't exactly great down the stretch. Big reason for their offense of regression. Of course wilson had an nfl high five touchdowns without a pick on passes twenty yards downfield in the first five weeks. We're talking about him being the mvp but four touchdowns with four takes the rest of the way. He was efficient to with a twenty nine percent completion rate on such throws from week. Six to seventeen twenty nine out of thirty three quarterback selena got a new offensive coordinator in in. Shane waldron there. What is this offense to look like with him. Calling plays for us well. Waldron comes from the ever fruitful. Sean mcvay coaching tree. It's not going to be a direct copy however the personnel at this point two different particularly on the offensive line. But i think the hope in seattle is that waldron can do. What mcveigh shanahan coaches around. The nfl have done with so much success. Which is essentially dictated to defenses. Kimberly you know right now the nfl is basically about are you on offense dictating defenses. Confusing them constantly keeping them on tilt or a defense. Is doing that to you last year. In the second half of the season defenses. Did that to seattle you saw. They played a ton of two which took away. Those explosive plays and they did not respond by the includes russell wilson but it also includes the scheme waldron needs to come up with what it is we need to do. Is what the rams do so successfully which is forced defenses to respond to what they're doing keeping them confused and if they're able to do that i think seattle's offense can hit another beer. Yeah no question about that Listen i think this offense. Overall philosophically is one that really utilizes formation variation. Most motion play action in such a way that it takes a lot of the pressure off of the quarterback in terms of him having to create post snap because it schematically drawn up in such a way that it puts defense in such a bind as far as run past conflict as far as making sure that their pattern matching in the back end. Wants the routes the clarence list the way that you their coverage is sound in the quarterback to sit there and read it out with russell. You see what happens with a lot of time in seattle offenses over the years florida times. It came down to rush brought back and make something happen man. If things aren't open you've got to run around scramble around. It makes things happen. Oh by the way you gotta do this with an offensive line. They quite honestly impasse. Protecting has had some difficulties. I think what he will benefit from is that philosophical difference in hopefully seeing waldron from that perspective can help him out which will make him much happier and more inclined to want to stay in overall. There's no secret. The time is now from the urgency. That russ is already pushing the fact that the entire nfc west if you look around just kept getting better and better new one nfl life. One of the four teams on wilson's supposed lists the chicago. Bears have officially signed a rookie. Quarterback justin fills looking to rent their the eleventh overall tech april's draft. All systems. go for the bears. many can't next week. Of course we'll be all over that right here on. nfl live. We got a lot more coming your way today. Do you own or rent your home. Sure you and. I bet it can be hard work. You know it's easy. Bundling policies with geico geico makes it easy to bundle your homeowner's or renter's insurance along with your auto policy. 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