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Same thing with school shootings, same different, same situation, And I've always argued that doing these gun laws. Do not solve the problem with with me. There is a fundamental problem with how the media works with how it highlights things has it chooses to pick things, how it outrageous people in general by picking the outrage of the day and make These lunatics think that things are way worse than they are or that these groups need to be attacked. Yeah, To me. It's It's always we're not really addressing the issue. No, we never will address the issue. I mean, you know, we talk about mass shootings. There's mass shooting. Oh, my God, and the media is all over. There's a mass shooting in Chicago every weekend. 60 70 people get shot every freaking weekend. You know this this thing they call it a mass shooting down in Austin last weekend. It was a couple of kids shooting at each other and just missing. We think of a mass shooting, and by the way, it doesn't make any difference. Everybody's still shot. So I'm not listening. The impact of that, yes, but the way they counter mass shoot is very Don't What I don't like is when they're let's say the ones we think of mass shootings, so a school or something like that, or a building and 15 people die and the random nature that is, yes, but then they'll put up there have been 230 of these this year, and I'm like, that's disingenuous. That's that You're not being intellectually honest here. Yeah, it's untrue, and it's it's problematic. But people believe what they want to believe. The media is all in with one area of this, By the way, there was a story. Uh, it just broke the ST Louis couple who defended their homes from violent protesters. They were waving an ar 15 around, etcetera. They had to give up the gun and they had to pay the lowest possible fine, but they were being prosecuted and they were. I mean the prosecutor up there because he's a BLM activist is trying to put the guy in jail. And he couldn't do that. And so they find them. I think 750 bucks and said that you're guilty of doing something that could have put someone else in danger. And the the guy said Damn right, I did. You're right. He was in danger them to feel like that. Exactly. That's why I did it. So he paid the fine and he's moving on, he said. I'm going to go get me a new way. Ar 15 this weekend That's training topics. Alright, coming up. I'll tell you a little bit more about that particular case that just broke a few minutes ago. Coming up next Bill Jackson's look at a traffic now on 5 70 Cliff. In plain Ole on 75 South funded Parker and accidents been cleared out of the way that still backed up past Wind Haven parkway as it's recovering. Traffic is sponsored by Panera in Garland on 6 35 once founded Ferguson. They're getting a collision cleared out of the way. In Dallas on I 35 North funded Illinois Avenue. It's an accident, blocking the right lane and on I 30 West found at Ferguson a stalled car has the right lane Black so that slow yet from Saint Francis Avenue in Fort Worth on authority West Las Vegas Trail erect blocks the right lane and at 9 35. W South ponder Morningside crash has the left lane taken away that's backed up past Northside Drive. At Panera Dinner is hot and ready to serve, grabbed the creamy Mac and cheese in a bread bowl. The classic bacon turkey. Bravo sandwich or Try the new Chipotle Chicken and Bacon flatbread Pizza Order for dinner tonight with delivery or pickup availability and pricing. Mayberry with Kale, I have traffic. I'm Bill Jackson Project Sign makes it easy for good people to connect with great causes through volunteer maps. You can bring fresh light to a dark. Troubled

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