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All right. Good bit you've even like. Hey you want a good bit. Did you have so now. We just got a major offer. Really this podcast. Yeah of kind of a big deal. Honestly do you wanna say now. Y'all wanna say now that it's going to be an announcement for you as well as for our listeners. Okay got an email this afternoon from a listener or from sponsor. I don't know what it is but this is from the people at the layer. We got an email hi. I'm clare creator of the layer. A soft absorbent freakishly so waterproof. Actually noiseless sex blanket. It's terrific for use at home period sex lube squirting the good old wet spot and an absolutely essential for travelling sacks blanket. Which is what really prompted me to make it folds up surprisingly small so you don't have to sacrifice vacation fashioned. I'd love to send you the layer for you. Try let me know what is a good mailing address for you and send it out right away. Claire at the layer dot com. A woman owned business made in the usa sex blanket. So it's a sex blanket and the difference is between a regular blanket. Is it somehow absorbent. Round on your period. It's going to absorb the blood or if you use a bunch of like lube refu- scored a lot if he's or if you shit during sex to squeeze it out you mean squeeze it just absorbs it. I think you probably put it under your. But i'm looking at it right now. There's a picture of it. Oh i see the sex. We don't want to have it straight on the car in the we'll put up on our instagram but although weirdly this is a free ad i mean i guess that's the secret to getting a free ad. If you send us something pure rial enough and infantile will will read for for for free but it's like a little circle of fabric and probably underneath that smart. It's dark dark colors. The for what. I was thinking i would have done a a read. A red Buco booklet boucle. A fabric already has some chunks to it kind of looks like a like a little matt yes like a little soft matt Toss what what do you think first of all. She says. Good for traveling. I don't really understand why you would need it more when you're traveling is you. Don't wanna get your hotel sheets. wet no like imagine. We're flying to Bora bora okay and we want to. It's a long flights. We wanna fuck in the In the bathroom at the end of the plane or would we need to put a sex down in the bathrooms. Then my but doesn't have to like sit in like a wet zinc or put the little sex plank down. Dick that's why she made. This product was engaged. Somebody didn't want to sit says for traveling. I don't get it and also there's a the carrying case it goes around your shoulder as if you would be uncomfortable to travel with it away from your person but also that you want. That's the thing you need to carry on with you all at all right in case case you have to whip it out. I don't wanna. I don't wanna this person because i i love an entrepreneur here and get the layer it says bring layer with discreetly more y. I need a sex blank. Well let me read to you. Copy from their website. You can show your love by sleeping in the wet spot. It says but you can show your love by getting the layer. So this i guess this is to combat the wet spot layer protects your sheets or car or couch or wherever you are from all imaginable. Sexy messes thin and absorbent. The layer is a soft remarkably absorbent truly waterproof and noiseless. What is noise or does she think regular blankets. That make a lotta noise when you have sex. But then uncomfortable valera soft remarkably okay. Perfect for home absolutely essential went away even on a hot date. Let me tell you something. If i went on a date with the woman and i was like do you can come home with you. And she was like yeah absolutely or no. Can we get a hotel room. She's like absolutely in like weed left. The restaurant early and went to go have sex in a hotel room and then she opened up like a knapsack and how to sex blanket in it. I would have some questions like. Why do you have a sex blanket right now right. Yeah the layer kind of like just kind of having a hand towel right. no got rubber. I guess the layer saves time money and embarrassment says we went viral on. Tiktok blair horton hormone health. Nutritionist and chef is empowering women every day and on three twenty seven twenty one blair described the layer for over one point. Five million viewers on tiktok with blair's charm her skirt cereal scooping roomy and barking pups in the background. This clip is a real treat. Shall we see what went viral. So i guess we can't really play it on aerial scooping weenie her cereal scooping roomy roomy. Okay it's sixty dollars that's a lot. That's a lot just to combat. I'm just going to say a problem does not exist. I feel bad. Well you know what. I'm maybe she. I have an idea. She offered to send us one. Let's try it out and we'll use it okay and then then we can really sell some. Well maybe this is for really juicy women. I think that's what it is. This is for women that that like really be. Juicing s- quarters i think that's probably what it is it's a it's scorers. And who are embarrassed about like really blasting out you know straight gushing on a well honestly though i mean if you have sex on your period it would be hold on. Oh sorry to cut you off if you have sex on your period regularly in your true to okay with that then. That would probably really help. This is the best sex blanket. I've ever owned as a scorer. Best i've ever do people have multiples by didn't know about this. Well okay at any rate look were down. Actually there's another review on here show review. Yeah because the for some reason they really like this review. Oh this is the best. I ever owned as a scorer. This year is a stellar honest unpaid review of the layer by master word. Weaver demeanor delun. Okay sounds like a A nomadic and here we go. Let's see they really like this review from demeter delun. The title of this medium post is the best sex blanket i've ever owned as a scorer. Sex can get messy especially when one partner is a scorer. I can't tell you how many sets of sheets mattress covers and mattresses among other things. I've had a hand in ruining before. I finally found ways to protect the

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