A highlight from Best Bits of the Week with Morgan2 - What You Didn't Hear About Mike D's Wedding (Week of 6/7)


The best of the week with morgan number. Two you what's up. Y'all it's the best bits of the week show. Morgan hammered sue. And i'm so excited to be hanging out with you all again this weekend. If to to to this every week what i do is i take the best seven bids from our show in. Count them down so in case you missed something or maybe you want to get the behind the scenes which is from social media. What i'm hearing from you all that. You love the behind the scenes when i bring on another show member and we talk about all kinds of crazy things and of course this weekend. I had to bring on mike d. because mike d is a newly married man. I mean last time we had you on you were just fiance. And now you're a newlywed. Feels weird to say. I know it feels waiting husband now. Oh that's so weird okay. Well we'll get into all of that good wedding stuff because you know spoiler alert coming in at number one but we a lot to talk about let's get started. We always have some big guests on the show and of course this week we had anzac round because round man released a new song. We haven't talked to his ground in a long time and he obviously hasn't been on the road in a long time like a lot of other artists so we talked about everything. He's been up to the pandemic his crazy hobbies. He's gotten into like total be as akron knew that but he just solidified it. So listen to this interview number seven on the bobby bones. Show now brown zac. What's up buddy. Hey good where are you right. Now i'm in nashville. You got a new song called same boat. You wrote this yourself. Obviously go into the room to write this song like the concept does it. Does it come up from like a note. Someone had their phone how to same boat come together. This was actually an idea that was brought to me bannon. Jonathan singleton actually brought this idea in and started working on it and it just started via magic managers started coming out and it's it's a fun. It's a fun song if you wanna listen to it on that level. There's a message there if you wanna listen on that level too so you can. You can smash margarita while you're listening to it and they have a good tom or or get a little. You know a little message is will. How're you doing. Ma'am oh good. I mean this ain't about muzak. We hadn't talked to forever. I wanna i sit here and talk to people all day about me all the time so let let's it. I'm doing good Getting married for the first time. Thank you for asking not feeling for some reason. I feel uncomfortable. Now the zach is asked about me. Turn turn it on me. I wasn't ready for that. Hey when you guys get back out on the roads at kfc fifteen number ones or so and you also have new music. How are you balancing that settlers between the number ones the new music. The amazing covers that you guys do like what goes on in a meeting. There man is exciting. Just just having my guys back together again just being able to be in a room and rehearsing. We already started to the ban. I mean after being off like this man. i'm on fire to to get out and play. I'm up in on fire to direct music. I've been on fire to like get back. Get the world back together again and remind people what america really is not. Let spend john on the media for last year and a half like i'm you To just go out and do what. We do. Very rejuvenated after after being austin after being away from people super excited to have you back and if you guys are are are listening to this. Now i've seen zach a few times and holy crap. What a show it is. I mean it is. It's everything you think it would be. What the massive hits but also they do such a big show and all of a sudden. They'll do day matthews band metallica. And you're like wow. I can't believe they did that. Then they'll play new music and most times aren't even want to hear new music. But i'm like that's a good song so you guys go checkout zag. The comeback tour. I mean there. I'll have a whole page dates here. But starting august fifth in new jersey all the way to october seventeenth. So you're nico moon who's a friend of ours now is yours as well wrote a bunch of songs with you and even came in with you back in the roosevelt days. He had a number one. a year guys making it now on a different level are super happy for man. You know i saw. I saw an ego plan at the mansion in carrollton georgia like forever ago and i believe him ever since i saw play the very first time. So on super happy for him Doing his own thing being out there and and you know his songs are popping up. Now my kids my kids are listening to play lists and stuff eagle pops up on these playlist than it definitely makes me proud He deserves manny super talented and integrate. A great human also. Zac brown is on with us. He's got a new song that we world premiere today. You still get nervous when a new song comes out or mostly just relieved that you're finally able to get the song you've been working on so long to be played for people now. I'm excited man. I'm like. I'm like the same flier that i had when we've made efforts to. That's the same fire that i've got again coming back out with this record man. I'm super excited. I think we written the best record starts finished that we've ever done and i've been able to spend more time writing on working on it than anyone that i've ever done so i'm really excited. This is the beginning of it. You know it's a like which song is gonna represent the album. You know like what does that. What does that look like you want to do. And are people going to think that all songs are going to be like this. You know but we got a good a really great flow. It was hard to pick. Which would song was going to be. The first one aside from music which i would say. You're an expert in music. What what else would you consider yourself an expert at you know i dabble in a lot of things but my favorite thing in the world to do is to spearfish. You go down like you swim down.

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