The Musical Chairs Between Robert Mueller, John P. Carlin, and Lisa Monaco


If you go to John Carlin's scam MPD, otherwise known as Wikipedia Page. You'll see on there. That him and Lisa Monaco traded spots in the higher up positions in the Department of Justice Quite often, Look at this. United States, assistant attorney general for the National Security Division. Mm. It was John Carlin. Who was he proceeded by Lisa Monaco, the same people investigating Trump the same person again again. It's my Gator. Here. Acting United States Deputy Attorney general John Carlin. Who succeeded him. Lisa Monaco. It's like musical chairs. Where the deep state then why do the same people keep turning up in these positions all the time? They're both back. Carlin was appointed back into the Biden administration. And so is Monaco. They were key players in the spiky thing, and they're investigating Trump again. For the same thing they did spying on Nunes. And his phone records. This is again think that that Oh, I'm trying to keep this show family friendly. The great fruits on these people. The Democrats don't care. They know the media cover for

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