How Gareth Bale Can Help You Become A Better More Confident Player


Back in january twenty. Sixteen rail madrid assistant coach. Paul climent had an interview with the telegraph and he talked about working with gareth. Bale who at the time had ten goals in only seventeen games for powerhouse Rail madrid and yet he and the coaches had working on a single aspect of his game that they thought needed improvement. Help make him even more dangerous player. So bail was practicing after team training specifically on developing a left-footed cross and adding that to his repertoires his talents and skills as paul commit said he is not so strong in that aspect he realizes that and we have spoken about it and come up with a plant he needs to practice it regular and often ask training for ten minutes. We talk about the technique. Break it down. How he feels about it in the work on. It can't just talk about it yet to do it in practice it. We do lots of things like that with the players. We are teamwork but we know that the players are very compliant here. They want to work at being better every day. that's fantastic. i mean gareth myles. A world world-class player. He certainly was six years ago at these tiniest things. It's these types of habits in this work ethic that separates players whether it separates you from can cut or not getting cut riding the venture starting. Or what have you. And what. I've always told my players and tell my players is that i don't care how good they become because ultimately that is that is genetical. The most people never get close to their potential. That's no story. I don't care how good they become. As long as they become their

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