A highlight from Mike Creef, the Tulsa Race Massacre, and Aliens

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Chris miller and today our guest is mike krief writer photographer and jack of all trades for the black wall street times. We talked to mike about bringing down the north leg of the ideal the commemoration of the race massacre. And why he says gift wrong. Oh and also aliens yes he definitely says gift wrong. Pot for good is making that a policy right now. It is pronounced gif with your because jeff is peanut butter. We all agree on that. Enjoy a. We are very excited to have mike on the podcast. They might be doing. I'm doing wonderful for a monday. Extremely busy monday. That i wasn't wasn't supposed to be busy. But yeah i just got off. Work had chance to run to grab readable. Go home scarf it down. Let my dog out and come here so it's pretty pretty good day. If you ask me yes we so for. Enter coins on may twenty four th so we are all in the the beginning of what is going to be very exhausting and emotional week for tulsa as we commemorate i think is the word. We've been using the Centennial of the tulsa race massacre. And we have mike on one because he's cool and he's my friend and also the biggest reason yesterday i mean podcasting is really just to invite your friends and record the conversation exact. That's my understanding. I mean as what conan obama doing so anyway but you are currently a sort of content creator and writer and journalist for the black wall street. Time since you're talking about the you're fairly new. So what brought you to black wall street time to journalists. So what's crazy. Who's i never full go for anything. I went to college for one year and at a small liberal arts school in virginia back in two thousand eight and then i did for one year moved out to tulsa and kill bible school so no really like academic training past high scoring. Because when you're in college was a girls in you. Who is pretty much all focused on. But i was an insurance agent furball seven years after i moved here also and then kind of once more towards the end of the seven years. I got to the of my later twenties where i got to the point where i was waking up. Every day wasn't really excited about the job. That i had been so i went to teach for a little bit while i was supposed to be like a teacher's assistant at a A middle school here and tulsa county post goals and literally from my first day on the job. I get there again. So no academic background. Not even a Like an emergency teacher's certificate that tulsa gives out like it's it's candy because we were we have that little amount of teachers. None of that stuff. I get there i. I say they're like hey. This teacher is still in africa with visa issues. We need you to cover this class for the next couple of weeks. Your nose like an insurance agent. Yesterday i was just writing policies yesterday. You'll be fine like basically this what they told me. That really just killed me. There are basically just make sure that it gets stung. Kill each other. You know something. I'm just like a babysitter. And so yeah. I did that to start the school year. Man that was in twenty nineteen. Did it for a couple of months where. I was literally a teacher responsible for a classroom full of students. Luckily like i'm tired time here in tulsa i've been involved in church. Groups were like lead High school like connect groups and things like that. So i've got the experience with kids but it's a little bit different when it's like a professional and educational setting and i'm supposed to be responsible. Not only for them not killing each other but technically it should be responsible for them actually learning something. What grade was this six. Seventy kids are the word off. My gosh yeah. The eighth graders. They're they thought there was a top of the food chain and you couldn't tell them anything except their eighth grade is such a hole office. Three years are such a wild time. Because you're growing your body's growing you're going through. Hormonal changes your. You don't know what the hell is happening to you. And it's so weird so so dealing with that like i just really wanted to be a teacher's aide. That's why that's why. I went. And i ended up being a teacher for a couple of months. I was getting bounced around from different grade. Two different grade two different class like there was zero stability but of course.

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