Auntie Anne's and the History of the Pretzel



In january of two thousand and two just a few short months after the nine eleven attacks incited a rally around the flag effect that pushed president george w bush's approval rating north of ninety percent ws administration nearly came to an abrupt and permanent end. Not because of a terrorist strike. But rather because of a pretzel while chomping on a pretzel in private. The president choked on the snack. Food lost consciousness and fell to the floor. Giving them a nasty bruise. Below as i before being found and revived by the secret service. Mentions of the pretzel. Have been documented as early as the seventh century c e the distinct shape claim to be amongst depiction of arms folded in prayer. Other theories have a more practical reasoning for the foreign factor. It makes it easy to hang on. Hooks and bakeries pretzels. Omnipresence in the us can be directly traced a pennsylvania dutch country which despite its name is not dutch at all. It's archaic pronunciation of pennsylvania deutsch meaning german named for the first wave of germanic immigration to america in the eighteenth century the pennsylvania dutch imported ample amounts of german culture including a distinct dialect of the language still spoken today and these transatlantic crowds also brought over the knotted savory pastry popularized in bavaria. The brazil or pretzel pretzels became closely. Identified with the state of pennsylvania's german-american descendants. Iterative on the snack by inventing snack sized hard pretzel as well as the philadelphia s. Shaped soft varietal and so it was pennsylvania where in nineteen eighty eight and f. Beyeler opened her upon pretzel. Raise a farmer's market stall in the city of downingtown by nineteen ninety two. The year ws presidential father george h w bush would lose reelection to horn. Dog hick bill clinton the single stanhood exploded into over one hundred retail locations today. They're over fifteen hundred franchises worldwide located in shopping centers in ballparks as for w he spends his retirement oil painting and palling around with fellow. Telegenic monster ellen. Degeneres the pretzel standing alongside a duck pair of shoes as near misses from the reaper.

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