Spatial and Lossless Audio Popping up in Apple Music


Obviously a few weeks ago apple just came out on monday morning and they're just like here have free lossless apple music. You know. we're not gonna charge you extra for it. Later that day amazon said the same thing. They're gonna upgrade amazon music unlimited customers to lossless for free even though they currently have like an extra paid tier for that right now and spotify earlier. This year said that it would also offer a hi-fi tier for its customers though it specify whether it would be free but i imagine now it's going to have to apple also announced during that same press. Release that it would be expanding. Its spatial audio feature dolby. Atmos essentially Into its apple music t right now. It's available in some Some film like some shows and movies on on an apple. Tv but not so much on the music side. So i wanted to get you on here to talk just about the space in general As somebody who reviews a lot of headphones or used to has a lot of audio equipment. What's your thoughts on it. And just in general like whether it's going to make a difference because losses has been this. It's sort of like this obelisk in the different in the distance. All audio files. Kind of a try to achieve whether they do it through ripping their own. Cd's and storing them in lossless flat files or paying for title or cuba's or one of the other deserve hi-fi. Whatever

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