Biden To Visit Tulsa To Mark the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre

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Live from npr news. I'm giles snyder on day. Mark one hundred years. Since the beginning of the nineteen twenty one tulsa race massacre. The attack by white mobs on the black neighborhood of greenwood known as black wall street span. Two days left as many as three hundred people. Debt of course polanski of member station k. wgn s. reports from an interfaith prayer service marking the centennial. The attack vernon ame church is one of the only structures to partially survived. The events of one hundred years ago clergy from many fates gathered there monday morning to dedicate a prayer while the reverend jesse jackson senior group in prayer for an end to racist violence and a reaper. The black wall street back then. President biden is scheduled to arrive in tulsa on tuesday in a proclamation recognizing the centennial of the massacre. He says he is committed to rooting out. Systemic racism in america for npr news. I'm chris polanski. In tulsa

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