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Has to go down for this right army. Go down like in terms lose their jobs traded but goes down in terms of. Who gets the blame for this. If you're listening to doc rivers after the game. That's what he believed. He said this was pretty much on. Everybody thought it started at the beginning of the second half. Even though we kept the lead. I think we had six turnovers in our first ten possessions to start the third quarter. That's why i called early. Timeout you can see we kind of excel. Relax the i mean it would just good enough characters in that stretch. Keep the lead at twenty two where it could have very easily been at thirty. If we don't turn the ball over and then you know obviously you got to take guys out in the second really struggled tonight in the second half there phenomenal in the first half and then in the second half they struggle and then down the stretch listen. We scored nineteen points and gave up forty. So it's on us all of on as on the players and we have to figure out how to get back up which we will and bring this game back here for game seven. I mean yeah everybody everybody was involved in right. In doc rivers pretty played it out. He kind of went down the list on all the things that happen. Badly for the sixers to lose that game with that lee and specified performance in the fourth quarter. But the question for doc rivers and fulfill fans going forward. What do you do though. what do you do. You've had leads in both of these games and you lost both of them. Now you're going on the road a potential close out situation. What do you do. Let's go to the phone lines. Eighty eight say espn. That's eight hundred. Seventy nine three seven seven six. Solomon you're on the mexico woman show. Espn radio thanks man I'm still shaking my head. I cannot believe what i just saw. And you know when you're asking what can you do. I don't know whether. I wanna get down on dock too bad but you know this happened. When he was with the clippers this man have a knack for epa collapses. Or what i. I got to go back to the coast because if your players are starting to get back on their heels just because they're up twenty plus points you gotta light a fire man you gotta say oh you gotta learn how to finish a team off i to go back to a little bit because for some reason he just he just has this. You know this seems to follow him wherever he goes these collapses because he certainly showed it with the clippers. Yes he did. And and i'm afraid that labels gonna get stuck to dr back and he won't be able to remove it Do you wanna talk about that a little bit later. here on the mexico show. Espn radio espn. Plus in terms of doc rivers whether it's with the clippers and the sixers being the coach in the silence for some of the greatest collapses in nba postseason history. But is all him or is it what he had at his disposal at those respective times. We'll talk a little bit about that coming up later

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