A highlight from Halls of Loneliness: Bo Burnham, Luigis Mansion, E3, Social Media, COVID, Relient K, Travis Barker and more.

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Yeah we are. It's we are trying to learn the new time difference. That's what's going on because we have a miscommunication about when we're supposed to record this because we said do it tomorrow in neither of us and we both had a different idea of. Who's tomorrow we were talking about. Indeed six. Am where i am at the moment. So you know what other podcasters out there. They passes is so dedicated. They will wake up at six in the morning to to avoid the name one anyone he can't he can't stop thinking about it. You can't. I cannot and for those listeners again. Do not spam us with all the ones that get up at like four in the morning today their podcast lewis us with anything except for like weird spam messages. On a case you know. Just have this undying desire to just use thrown. My opinion out into the world might unsolicited opinion. Every single thought that goes in mind. This is endless. Undying desire and i've been criticized for recently it's been quench money experience. How candelight facial for you. Yeah you know mean an. My opinions are objective. Truth i mean they are people. See that way in the unfortunate but you know like everyone else who just. Their opinions are objective. Truth mind are actually objective. Truth there a window into the reality of everyone. Where's everyone else's opinions or their own microcosm of life that they're experiencing just on their own and their unfiltered versions of reality make sense yes and dear listeners. I just want you to know. You only have to deal with this one podcasts. At a time. I've had to deal with this for the better part of the last twenty years being sarcastic. You really think that. That's how i think about things. No doing adam starts the bit gets lost in the bit. It forgets that. it's a bit anyway. I was told recently by by bumper Could you tell me to watch than the news. Two special that he he put out called inside in its own net flicks because everything is on net flicks. That's where comedy gas now because apparently comedy central does it do comedy anywhere. I don't know why comedy central doesn't have like stand up specials anymore but they. Nobody does anymore like mtv. They do anymore. Yeah i think so. But i don't know what it what it does watch tv anymore. I don't think so. I'm not sure. I think people do not subscribe to like the two hundred channel. At and t. super deluxe package. Because they want to watch the tennessee. Titans on every sunday and monday night. Football whatever and this was on our little thing to talk about today. But i will say people are always like. We should've kept with cable tv because there were altogether. Now we have to pay for all these ass separately. I'm like all these apps her five dollars and you're only buying most six of them so it's still one third of the price is how much your cable costs. Just to get all these. Tv shows that you could only watch as they premiered. You cannot watch them on demand back with cable shows. Yeah true head tivo or unless you had a vcr program

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