Media Fails to Truly Analyze Biden's $6 Trillion Budget


Some news platform new shall be going through exactly what it is that Joe Biden is proposing in his sixth damn trillion dollar budget. Schumer wants to ram through without a single Republican vote. Doesn't this requires some analysis rather than Oh, these guys are winning on this team, and this guy is losing on this team. How about some substance from our news media? How does that make you feel? Democrats? As long as they get the rich, right. Go down with the ship. Is that it? They can't get enough money from the rich. They're already taxing the hell out of honest rich people, and I'm not talking about the bas O se's and the others. Honest, rich people who aren't billionaires. But aren't in the middle class, upper middle and lower upper Look, I even sound like a Marxist, but you get the point. So they're going to tax Your kid as an example of the difference between the $300,000 you paid for the property the value at the time 20 years ago. And the value. At the time of your death. Not the value. At the time of your death. And then the value at the time your kids sell it. So there's a big difference. And you know what? Biden call this? Call it the trust fund baby loophole. And it kicks in over a million dollars by line. Doesn't take much for a house to be worth over a million dollars these days. It just doesn't It could be. Earning an average salary. You bought a home. Home prices are going through the roof right now.

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