Amazon's Poor Treatment of Workers Is Catching Up to It

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Days right around the corner but amazon and the news for other reasons and not good roger. Chang and this is your daily charge. You're talking about amazon. And the faces is an ecommerce. Beat reporter atallah. There are number of amazon stories that came out yesterday taking a critical look at what it's like to work there. It's not pleasant Before we get to those stories you had a piece about Specifically looking at the long lines wait times at some of these amazon warehouses Brief summary of what your stories about So right now. A group of amazon warehouse workers are suing over ovid nineteen helps checks as they wait to enter the workplace in coffee in and they say can take place twenty five minutes so they're not paid for they happen before clock in And they're suing thing. They should be paid. An amazon has a history of being sued for unpaid time like that. They also underwent a series of lawsuits over not paying for people to stand in line for security texas. They left the building at the end of their shifts. And took that all the way up to the supreme court So right now. There's just sort of battle over what's paid time. What's not paid time even if it's something that amazon requires that employees

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