Nautical Names Quiz


Were here in the game room with a game. We like to call names. There are all sorts of things in the sea with some pretty interesting names. So and i are going to say some names of things under the sea. And you have to guess whether it's an animal a plant or a geological feature and just to be clear a geological feature is a natural formation in the earth like an island or a trench. Okay let's get started. The first word is water wheel. Is it an animal a plant or a geological feature that sounds like a geological feature to me. Maybe some kind of rock that spends a plant. In fact it's a carnivorous plant. A meat eating plant. Yep it grows in freshwater wetlands and feeds on small insects and fish. Wow okay well. Here's another one. The word is slime head. Is it an animal plant or a geological feature well. I've done enough swimming and lake. We wound to know that seaweed can be not slimy. So i'm going to guess that a slime head is a plan actually. It's a fish. They live in tropical parts of the atlantic pacific and indian oceans. They're also called red fish or rough because some people think slime fish is the most appealing name. Okay last one. The word is the seamount. Is it an animal a plant or a geological feature. Oh i know this. One eats a geological feature. It's the name for an underwater mountain or an underwater volcano. That's not active anymore back iras. Well didn't your grandma. G force us to have vacation house on top of an underwater extinct volcano but it turned out that it wasn't extinct. Oh yeah so now. She needs a new place to spend her summer vacation and i told her she could bunk with you. And that's your prize for winning this. Round of nautical name

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