Aaron Mullaniff and Katy Beehler Discuss Bookshare, an Accessible Online Library

VOICE Global 2021


My name is aaron. And i'm working as since you started this officer with the ncbi for viewers and our listeners. Today that is actually kinds of blind all the way over in ireland and one of the services at insight which i have been heavily involved in over the last number of years is the library access service and about three years ago. We sold to go international to find best practice solutions to major problem. We were having When it came to blind division students accessing their curriculum in a timely former that question indeed has brought us to attack. Who are who. We ultimately partnered with to create the largest digital library in ireland which is now called berkshire are. I'm delighted to say that we've been joined here today by katie bieler. Who is product manager in global literacy at benedict who has played a huge role in bringing book shirt. Ireland so katie. Maybe we'll just start off by telling us a little bit about yourself on indeed butcher. Thanks our end banking introduction as you said. I am product manager global education and literacy I came to software product management by way of the publishing industry actually and have worked and software service products for almost ten years. Now i joined about two years ago. And i'm one of the leaf product managers on cher bookstore. Initiative is the world's largest digital library of accessible e books for people who read differently with people or book share people with dyslexia linus low vision. Zero quasi and other print disabilities can access over nine hundred. Fifty thousand evokes informat audio audio plus islands tax radio enlarge on the gook share team. I have the great privilege of helping to create another way. Book share members to read their books by adding smart speaker option.

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