USMNT Outlast Mexico in Unforgettable CONCACAF Nations League Thriller



Here of course strolled injury game last night. The first a final caf nations. They and i'll tell you what it's going to take some beating the us of course in extra time beating mexico by three goals to to could dedicate the whole program to because there are so many different talking points. Let's just talk about how fun it was. How how how great this was just as as an vents. Yeah i mean we're suckers on this show for like a top five list. We could've done a top ten of the incidents in this match. And i don't think that we would have covered it. All the intensity was there. The usa mexico rivalry feels like it's back. It's been a while since we had a game that intense between these two teams. We've seen a lot of friendly's between them. Recently and frankly a lot of mexico dominance in the big games so aside from the intensity the turning point i mean there's so much narrative so much build up with this team. It felt like a lot of pay off. I know for a lot of fans but really everything in the game from the fast start incredible. Finish the heroics ethan horvath. I don't think there's a storyline that this game didn't have

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