A highlight from 2611 - Fixing the Planet That Capitalism Broke & Biden's Climate Inaction w/ Kate Aronoff


It is wednesday june sixteenth. Two thousand twenty one by name is sam cedar. This is the five time award winning majority report. We are broadcasting. Live steps from the industrial ravaged. Go on canal in the heartland of america downtown brooklyn usa on the program. Today staff writer at the new republic author overheated how capitalism broke the planet. How we fight back. Kate aaronow will be here. Meanwhile joe biden. Vladimir putin meet in geneva didn't resolve much a while israel launches new airstrikes on gaza in retaliation of hamas sending incendiary balloons into the sky. This is the joe biden. Names leave lena. Con chair of the federal trade commission. Not only is there an anti monopoly majority on the ftc but an anti monopolist is the chair. They have a lot of authority and don't need new legislation to use it. Progressive

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