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Shane's claiming dark. That's the sides So only one and I ain't joking. Do it sound like I'm kidding. I've been making life 2000 minute so high up through the clouds. I was swimming I'm probably gonna drown when I'm in it her best you're gonna get loud, one or many, and we might have a child. When I'm finished. One of them is real 92 3 for hip hop is standing up against racism and racial injustice in all our communities. Big boy's neighborhood. Give it up for Honey is up in here. Click of the day. What? My name. Oh, that's what we got Big. This is such a crazy story to me. Well, like when I think tornadoes. The only thing I think of is Wizard of Oz like right, that's really to meet Magical fairy tale. But when you live like in cities that are closest to tornadoes, you can actually drive out and see them. And when you work for a weather department, you really drive out there was this couple both of them. They work for AccuWeather, which tells you like or $20 train so they can drive out to the actual tornadoes or storms. Whatever it is this couple they drove out six hours from Kansas to Colorado. I believe They found the tornado because both of them are our meteorologist. The guy gets down on one knee as the tornadoes like, Oh, no. She's got swept up. And oh, in a different world. Oh, my God. Yeah. Total and Auntie em and no, they're all here and they're engaged dancing up And this is a video of the guy kind of explaining what happened and warns you what to do if you decide to do the same thing. I'd say we got lucky, but we have good meteorologist. She's incredible. She knew what she was doing, and she enriched. Put us in the right spot. If anybody's trying to replicate that proposal, work with a good meteorologist, just be safe. Watch out for the lightning out and watch out for those advance. Really think that you're getting that he sounds like a meteorology. Watch out for the lightning enough big. I was reading into their story, and I thought it was so interesting because they both are obsessed with the weather, and they that's how they started getting along like they would always talk about the weather, like, uh, I just thought that was got injured. Yeah, you have purchased precipitation. That's great. Which Doppler is your favorite man? I want to know. Like, yeah. The wind chill factor. Oh, my God. Girl. I think I met him last night. He brought up the wind chill factor like so do you want to get married so much? I really love you and your brother deep fried probably get front.

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