A highlight from Propogandists: Hayes rips right-wing medias Jan. 6 conspiracy theories


States and the man who led the biden pandemic response slamet on his departure from the white house the mess they inherited and new concerns about a pandemic. That's still very active in pockets of the country. All in starts right now. Good even from new york. I'm chris hayes. The point of propaganda is to shape reality right. The propagandist and the machinery propaganda exists so that what is actually happening in the world can be ignored or overridden. So that when you see before your eyes what you see before your eyes can be waived away as an apparition. The point of journalism in a free society is to see things clearly right to reflect reality. Let's be clear we all bring our biases two stories. We choose which stories to tell stories. We do not tell reality. Itself is complicated with a million stories out there just like history itself and so the line between good faith. Journalism undertaken and free society even with the perspective or an agenda and bad faith propaganda. That line sometimes can be obscure faint but believe me it. Is there what we are seeing in. This country is a sustained effort of concerted propaganda to destroy the civic terrain. Necessary to hold up democracy. Here's what that looks like. In the wake of the january insurrection when we all watched marauding mob violently overtake the capital. Having erected gallows shouting. Hang mike pence assaulting police

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