A highlight from A Tale of Two Tracks (with Bill Kristol)


Hey pull up a chair. Attacks on tap with david. Axelrod robert gibbs and mike murphy and this year the fourth of july day of special celebration for we are emerging from the darkness of years a year pandemic and isolation your pain fear and heartbreaking loss. Just think back to where this nation was a year ago. Think back to where you were a year ago and think about how far we've come. Well that was the president of the united states giving us all the same exclamation. We're gonna make here hacker ruse happy fourth of july. Hope you enjoyed it. Hope he had some barbecue a lot of fun with families a lot of red white and blue and probably some fireworks so are are enthusiastic. You can do it to those of you now missing a finger or two but it was a tremendous holiday. I'm up in the free state of new hampshire where we make a big thing out of it and i gotta ask a gibbs. How'd you celebrate. The fourth year murphy was in colorado where the weather was wonderful so nice long bike rides and i must say it is. It's just nice to feel some sense of normalcy again to have The the activities that we know we missed a year ago. back on our calendar so a very exciting excellent sounds like fun for the gibbs clan and again to celebrate normalcy. We knew there was only one thing to do which is get the most abnormal guest we possibly could our old friend of the podcast A great pundit. You know still an academic thoughtful guy in gerald friend of mine. The one the only bill kristol is with us today. Hey bill how'd you spend the fourth. It's great to be with you both. I spent the fourth and enroll way at home with family. Luckily to our kids and spouses little kids live nearby so that was very nice. But now some of you guys jet-setting going to the private jets to colorado new hampshire i. It's it's it's i admire it. You know as as an old fashioned free market guy. You guys deserve that lap of luxury stuff. I'm just sitting here at home. In northern virginia being being ordinary american well there was a hell of a scuffle at the f. b. o. between the billionaires and the millionaires like gang war breaking out so these are troubled times. Hey joe i just wanna stay just to be clear. My private jet had united painted on the side of it and it was. Yeah it was. He gives eating so characteristic murphy being still sort of ran a terribly. Republican likes the idea that he flew a private jet and wants to make clear that he's in the millionaire class. They're not the billionaire. Class gibbs being obama democrats still has to pretend that he's you know sitting there and coach on united. So that's why i was. I was gonna say window seat row fifteen. I was comrade on a private jet. I flew the the elite jet called jet blue with the family and then i was Victimized by the bankrupt but soon to emerge corporate titans of hurts who wanted to charge me four hundred dollars a day for a rental car at logan that is the biggest scam in the world. But we digress. The president of the united states Had planned to take quite a victory lap on cove. It i think he'd gotten acclaimed from almost all quarters. But now we're having a little cova comeback nasty little bug called the delta variant is back there were some concerns that You know the president would be be criticized for not reaching his self proclaimed victory line numbers by the fourth of july which were not reached Do we think cova. D- the political and politician killer is going to be back to take away The victory that i think the biden people thought they had you know six eight weeks ago or we think this is the final speed bump along the line gives. I'll let you start and then bill you should chime. I mean look. I think if you read What we've all been reading for the last year so that there is considerable 'cause And concern for what. We're seeing out there this this variant like the other variants seems to be a bit more contagious Than than the others. And i think there are people. I think rightly concerned particularly as we get into the fall And maybe the early winter that you could see an uptick in this. I i would say from a political standpoint. We didn't hit the seventy percent mark of people that had gotten there first shot but i think it was. I think the number was pretty close to like sixty seven. Percents of two thirds of the country's gotten at least one shot one shot Pretty much guarantees that if you get covert. It's not likely to be a severe case. Boston post had Think binds approval rating for covert at sixty percent which you know in modern political time. Sixty percents like eighty so I think all in all he's got a good record one. He should be proud of the concern. There are the same polls show. There's a good thirty percent of the country. That has no desire to get a vaccine. They're just simply not going to get it and i again. The the doctor's i read on on the internet and stuff ev. Kind of posited. This way. And i think it's a good way to think about it. Either you're going to get vaccinated or you're going to get covert that that that is essentially your choice. And i think that's the choice murphy. Is you sit in the live. Free or die state which by the way is like eighty percent. Eighty percent accident on ironic. Rear live free or die as don't be a moron that's fine print. And they've done well up here in new hampshire with the republican governor. governor sununu leading the way but bill how what say you cove master. What do you think about the politics. Cova going forward. Since we're having a little bump here. I think the administration has done a good job at the degree. There's bump it's because people have refused chosen not to get vaccinated. I think they shouldn't back off. at all. Intently that one on unvaccinated kids assuming the medical evidence supports episodic that's important and would be reassuring to people who are still nervous understandably if if the kids haven't been under twelve able to get vaccinated So i'm i'm sort of militantly pro vaccination and i think at some point. I don't think biden should do this. They do is the third parties. Need to point out that you mentioned the governor. Senator new hampshire has encouraged. I think people to be vaccinated whether he encouraged him or not. They chose to. That's good new. England has the highest rates. generally republican governors. Who aren't encouraging their citizens. Their members of the people living there state to be vaccinated. She get a little heat. I think if i were a democrat in one of those states i mean maybe it's unpopular. It's world libertarian. So people have to right of choice. Of course there are some exceptions of people who have medical reasons others for not getting it. But i think that needs to be a little more heat on the elected officials aren't and other. Let's prominent people who are doing as much as they could to encourage citizens to do the right thing. There's been certain is there is some deep down ideological hostility. Obviously it's been politicized in a terrible way but they are also still people. I think out there who was sort of hesitant and think it's not that urgent and they maybe they'll do it eventually when it becomes when the fda makes it not emergency authorization but a permanent authorization all this and they're the

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