A highlight from Episode 44: Educating Peter (and David)

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Gaffe for you. The gun fighters is dead forever or all of us. I hope it's over. Can you take us back to england. You want to leave us. I want to be surrounded by familiar things. How about public schools. You can't get much more english than that you will forget. The gunfight is gaffe. It will always be as painful as it is now. Actually it might just be gaffe. These two stories are all of time. Nisha gotten hello and welcome to the podcast where we take something old doctor who stories from original series compare it with something new from the new series and add. Something borrowed sketches then to make something who yes. It's something who podcast episode forty four. I'm richard and we're back with another look at a pair of doctor who stories this time set in english public schools first week got fifth. Doctor story morgan on dead from season. Twenty and then. We'll take a look at tenth doctor adventure human nature the family of blood from series. Three and with me to chew over. These tales of educational misdemeanors are big finished. Writer and missing episodes podcast. Paul hello good evening. Good evening good evening. Yeah and also we've got to astrophysics. Offer giles evening and restored to the bosom of something who after being relegated last time to the scanner screen its graphics designer and half of the dalai sixty three hundred eight phenomenon. Good evening a half. And i like you see three or ui somewhere in the middle on one of each. I'm the units of ten from one column and any very good not even going to finish my job tonight. The standard we reached so signs of audio recently. Put out at a podcast looking at their doctor. He podcast picks and very kindly. They mentioned something who i mean. Not quite as much. As i mentioned. Paul morris but i mean they did mention site you tell me. I've shelby it. They they love your missing episodes and of course your big finish story. So i think you're Last them yeah. Yeah i must get to work on something like so. Yeah so so. That was that was nice. I thanks twain for mentioning us and making sure that our antipathy in france have some some knowledge of something who has a podcast and also in the last week. Well months ago i was a guest on the primary sources an episode from from a doctor who show but just in the last week it finally came out so that was a nice surprise me to out what it was actually set all those months ago. A realist. sorry less noise surprise. reverend else. Discovery was on it. But there we go so rob. Thanks for asking me to come on. That and that was fun as well. So let's kick off with mortgage debt written by peter grim weight and directed by peter moffett. I mean that's enough destroy for anyone isn't actually thinking about the guy who knows how to direct decides to write something and then they bring in. Let's face it. He's directed loss stuff but none of it with any great distinction is the third story. Well okay there's five doctors. I suppose is the third story of season twenty. It's the start of a three story. Black guardian walk and injured introducing new companion. Turlough who's got something that they desperate to sabah. morton on debt. We never see china's hasson. Dewey wh why wonder why that is. It's such a lovely hat. It's interesting to get on the bota route. That's sort of broad said revisited. For isn't it which is rather specifics. Only thing rather than my boat is to be seen in Spoilers in the second story. we're covering tonight. I dunno isn't it isn't more university age thing than a public.

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