A highlight from RHLSTP 335 - Johnny Vegas


Ladies and gentlemen welcome to the club in grand. Please welcome manage fine. Guess for this week's show. Richard harris not as good as lawsuit. Sodium harass graphic. Thanks for hanging around for week for once. They actually was a week. Welcome to richard herrings. Leveling suffering sovereign tallies podcast. I'm going to make the right s- about making the numbers of the kings kings and queens. Right how come into the confessed. That doesn't count the first. That's why i want to know our needs pumping up of it. I'm just interested in the ones that i've got eight in the moment at an extra one i was talking i was i was at hogwarts. The school and i was talking to the kids from hustle. puff and they call it apparently. So let's say if that's gonna catch on so yeah my other news. Sorry my only news this week because the first one i've done of these this week is i'm trying to. I'm trying to get fit because my oncologist. I've got oncologist. Told me. I should lose some weight off me wasn't he's he's had nothing to do with cancer. You look better and so for a rowing machine. This week. I love row in rowing around. That's why i like to do and came on tuesday. But they said they delivered to the went to go to the just left the door so for the four days. It was just in the living room in the box but on sunday. Only my wife carried up to the room. It's going to go in so some good exercise and haven't put it together yet. You know still pretty good. Isn't it some pretty pleased things ago. It's nice to have an audience back. Should talk to. Who's this fellow here was your name. Are we allowed to talk. This is safe to talk. Because you know your i speak on your more dan. I've got the high ground here. So what would you do for a living if you've been sta week before. Yes what you have. I ever talked to you before now. Good what you do. For a living procurement what you've been you've been procured what you've been procuring. It'd be procuring this week. What postal services. What she'd been buying stamps job is. It's not a job job. i can do that. Very lovely lady with. What's your name joanna. A relationship marat. Now what do you. What do you do same thing in procurement and then procured each of the new. Did you say that while the first time you having sex and then have a lofty. I bet you did. Don't we know what procure means realize. See you've got away with it right. Look we've been white this crack on first. Because he was having a cigarette outside calling manager. I'm not sure he's even there some more. Is he dead. He can't say. I'll do do some more interesting. I'll talk some more people just in case is a. I think there's a judge. In japan here is hard to see in this blue light. That's a good life for ginger. Their blue light kasit makes makes you like a normal person. You're allowed to say that anymore. And they are is that is that. Okay the ginger. Still laura still okay. And what was your name chris. Nice now i love red hat are you. Are you a passionate lover. That's why i've i've found with redheads. Men were bids. What what you do for a living. Phd student with what you start can help you. And i'm good at history history biology. Yeah can do biology. What's my favorite. When i used to be but we used to do biology at school and we had miss button was a teacher and she wasn't. She wasn't very good at controlling the class. And every time we said hormone. We'd say don't pay. Because i was the punchline to that joe everyone every time she said my toe sis. Say you're what but we did every time to try that we'll try that end. Your lectures goes might this year. What pilots do my. Oh sis as well as the is that we're ready to go. I was very close to some old material. There was now. I don't know about done that done. That's kansas that obama to my guest. This week is probably best known for playing milky pim's in grimsby the least successful sasha paren- coach we. He's the amazing johnny vegas. He's he's hello stunning vegas. How are you doing well. Snow recovering from grimsby had a little trouble game. Then you're on your cam slut. This morning i i was out the journal. Doing snug lewis johnny veggie forever. I like paying guests on the books. So it's a podcast can be open and honest. yeah. I'm not i'm wired. I bought some vodka. Because why the hell up ever seen to london and you go for it you know. It's not one of them that you can pull tell the mind busy so yes i was chill today. I had a couple of guests onsite right. Who wanted to live lessees x. chess and needed medical supplies so we have the proper good for our round about the supplies during lockdown. Just one wheel. I haven't even tested out. The second bed jess manfred stain on tonight. So i just wish. I'd set up a webcam trying to get the double bed. Celtic vegas astle literally went out the cast staged in. Well thank you very much for making pleasure you can see me is pleasure.

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