'Friends' Reunion Reveals First Teaser Trailer, Guest Stars and Release Date


Found out what we know about the friends. Rina special Here's got a trailer yesterday. That was kind of like the first real trailer for it Seems like we've been waiting 18 years. For this thing that happened. It's finally hitting HBO Max on the 27th of this month, so that's two weeks from yesterday. In addition to the main cast, the show is loaded with guest stars, including Justin Beaver Lady Gaga. BTS and other A listers that are stopping by for appear in the show include Reese Witherspoon, Tom Selleck, Elliott Gould, Christina Pickles, She played up Monica and Ross is Mom and Dad. Cindy Crawford. James Corden Kit Harington, Mindy Kalen Walls to be a part of it, and so will Maggie Wheeler. Who is Maggie Wheeler, this lady? Yeah, Jess from the original of human friends fan, you know exactly who that is. And

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