'How Smart Is Your QB?' with Dr. Scott Goldman - Ep052 - burst 1


There are a handful of people who scored really whelming a i q at the quarterback position that are being very successful. And there's a handful of quarterbacks at scored really low on the ad cue that have yet to find their success. Wow not predictive. But i think it's contributory because for example one of our one of the abilities that we measure is the ability to download and recall information and for those that have worked in football footballer professional football pre-season installs or oh ta in talk off season installs. That's that's a complicated playbook right and then you have weekly installs where you kind of augmentin twist All the stuff that you went out reviewed over the season. So i think as an example a quarterback's ability to master and learn the playbook and all of the details and nuances and then to be able to completely kinda wipe the board somewhat clean and then rewrite it for every week That pretty hard task. And we're noticing that people who score high on that tend to be very successful quarterbacks and people who struggle on that have yet to produce that kind of outcome

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