McDavid's Excellence, Crosby's Countdown, and Auston Matthews' Superpower

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So james i have to. I was a little caught off guard last week when nhl ruled out the playoffs schedule. I was like week. The games are starting this weekend. What's the thinking behind the nhl jumping into the playoffs. So quickly here well. They're trying to move as fast as they possibly can. Because they've got some deadlines on the other end. The nhl had a number of shutdowns with the pandemic due to covid absences for different teams and that of structure schedule a longer than they wanted it to. And there's time pressure because nbc is obviously the rights holder in the us. They've got the olympics this summer. They really wanna get the nhl playoffs astounding out of the way before the olympic start. So there's this window where they got to cram as many games as they can so they didn't waste any time getting started. Well one of the outcomes of this relatively quick playoff start is at the vancouver canucks who had a bad covert outbreak earlier. This year are still playing regular season games even though the playoffs have already started their in what appears to be a completely meaningless. Three-game series against the calgary flames. So are you or is anyone planning to watch those games. I don't think the ratings will be very good. No it's this never happened before in. Nhl history one hundred and three years of history for the league and they never had anything like this happened before they have tv rights agreements. That are a lot of money advertising agreements that are a lot of money and they didn't want to get new situation where they were shortchanging those media partners. And we're going to have to pay some money back because sure you know it's been a tough situation for the league revenue wise. They're down three and a half billion dollars from where they normally would be as as an entity as a league. They're trying to make sure that they can play out the season. And we've had headlines on our site that are you know things like oh connects are still playing for some reason or like you know here. Here's an article about the game. If you still care you know it's it's you know to be fair to the nhl in a normal season. There's a lot of teams that are eliminated with month or two months left in the season and they're playing a lot of meaningless game so it just doesn't quite look this meaningless at the place already started. They're still going

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