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Secretary of state. Blinken due to arrive in Jerusalem shortly. U. S Secretary of State Anthony Blinken is expected in Israel Tuesday as politicians try to turn the cease fire in Gaza into a lasting truce between Hamas and Israel. Israel's defense minister said Andy deal for rebuilding supplies will hang on the return of Israelis or remains of Israelis held in the Gaza Strip and construction materials must be kept from Hamas because they will use it to fortify their arsenal. White House spokesperson Jen Psaki said. The U. S wants to prevent Hamas from getting any of the aid money. President Biden Previously said he wants the money to go through the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, and the flat top party and attempt to bolster the moderates in the Palestinian territories. Israel announced that the movement of humanitarian equipment like medical supplies into the Gaza Strip will start on Tuesday. Hey Jerusalem Mike Tobin. Fox News European Union leaders have agreed on the package of sanctions against Belarus over the forced diversion of the passenger jet flying from Greece to Lithuania on Sunday. In order to arrest in opposition journalist the intelligence community is handing over to Congress. It's files on unidentified flying objects in 2000 and four a pair of F 18 Navy Super Hornet pilots captured on their advanced radar, an unidentified flying object objects with no visible engine or infrared exhaust plumes that reached 30,000 ft and hypersonic speeds spinning like a top while speeding up and slowing down. Tucked into last year's $2 trillion appropriations bill is a stipulation inserted By the Trump Administration, which requires national security officials to deliver a report on UFO's to Capitol Hill next month. Some say the sightings began after the Navy installed a new radar system and upgrade from 19 eighties era radar. Others say they could be enemy spy drones or a classified program operated by the U. S government. Jennifer Griffin, the Pentagon has declassified three videos of unexplained aerial phenomenon shot by military pilots on

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