An Insiders View of Jay-Z and Beyonc's Dynamic Partnership

Even the Rich


Jill biden joining us to thank you for having me. I'm excited anytime i can talk about. Beyonce's great i know right. Yeah we're both excited to. It's been a while since we've gone to talk about her. Yeah when we decided to rerun this arc. We knew we needed an interview guest. Who could really speak to be on current impact. So having you with us is such a dream. I'm glad all of this information that takes up space in my head is saying yet. Okay so before we get started joe. Can you introduce yourself to our listeners. What does jill cans do Sleep is not one of the things to jill. I'm a dj radio host and podcast host from chicago. Which is where. I'm talking to you from right now. I post A daily radio show on a station called vocal. Oh here in town which is sister station to wbz. Which is where you can find making beyond say. I host a podcast called the opus for the consequence podcast network and sony legacy where we dive into classic albums on their milestone. Anniversaries and events for npr. Here in town and lots of other live things through the computer these days. But you know you guys are in the same room now. Maybe one day. I can be in the same room. Yeah so you weren't kidding when you said you don't sleep. Yeah one thing's clear your cooler than we are asked about that but i'll take the compliment and And joel what made you want to tackle beyond a story for the making series. She's just such a compelling figure any way you slice it like she's you know a regular person from just like a regular place whose parents are regular people whose talent but also this incredible work ethic that she's had for virtually her whole life. It's has led to this kind of fame that like shouldn't exist but amid nasty. I'm glad it's her.

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