The Benefits of Incorporating Cycling Into Your Running Routine


Then what are some of the benefits. I mean let's talk a little bit about the ability you can get your heart rate pretty high right which you can't do in the pool If you want you know for thinking of traffic sports but Heart rate high low impact whether what other things to cycling kept going for it. Yeah you know. It's actually funny when those with was saying that it reminded me back in twenty ten. I think i took a year off triathlon. And i just did marathons and the coach that i was working with at the time was a marathoner and he had me doing a ton of biking not too much not too long but frequency over duration and intensity over Some other stuff so a lot of the big ring work and a lot of the short like vio to lake minute thirty minute and a half anything under two minutes. Kind of all out is what. I was doing to kind of supplement the running because marathon runners usually run so much during the week and i just don't respond well to it s. Most people don't respond well to them many miles so just the off the legs but also having some intensity and having some kind of you know. The circular motion of the running and cycling sometimes complement each other really. Well yeah. yeah. I mean people who have paid attention for the run of run like a mother. Another runner no that. I basically trained for the nike women's marathon on my bike and got a fracture Gosh early on in the training. And i was not. I was not given up that marathon. Come hell or high water. I was going to it with my one in three year old. I was like san francisco. Boston going and my coach at the time. Who was it. Carmichael training systems was like okay. We're hitting the bike and holy cow. I worked so freaking hard on that bike but it you know and my longest run i think was like sixteen miles and certainly i wasn't absolutely one hundred percent prepared for that marathon but but it can get you a really nice part of the way especially like you said if you're injury-prone or don't do well with a lot of high

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