A highlight from Ep: 182 Task Force 7 Cyber Security Radio - May 17th, 2021


One seventy nine defending your company against supply chain attacks. Jim rav we had to bring it back on last week folks. It was nice to hear it again. Jim breaking down. What company should be doing to defend their Defend themselves against supply chain attacks. How so should be thinking about their devops progress He also gave his thoughts on how the new administration should cyber security policy was. The timing is great on that since administration just put out the new executive order. Jim also talked about if the sanctions against russia when far enough to be a successful deterrent against future attacks. He wrapped up the show with his thoughts on cyber critic job market in a talent. War broke down with employee retention. Should really look like all this folks and much much more on encore episode number one seventy nine of task or several radio. Well folks run at least eleven. Different playback mediums. You could find us everywhere that was episode. One seventy nine defending your company against Supply chain attacks a last week episode of task force seven radio while folks you can you see it all in the news right. Solar winds in the colonial pipeline. Random attacks are happening like crazy by inputs out the new eeo. I had to bring on a friend of the show Former director of cybersecurity at cisa in current founder and ceo. Of next five. Brian where. Brian is a highly regarded technology leader. An innovator he started companies patented technologies raised venture capital and private equity in recently served at the nation's leading cybersecurity executive Brian is a ceo of next five. It technology focused business. Intelligence company insuring. Us leadership in critical emerging technologies including ai. quantum space bio and more. He serves on the world economic forum global future council on cybersecurity in his adviser technology companies investors prior to founding next five. Brian was the first presidentially appointed director of cybersecurity. It system leading. The one thousand person will point. Two five billion dollar organization appear to intense volatility in aggressive interference from nation state adversaries at Brian developed the agency's first. Five year strategy and plan to modernize sensor computing infrastructure transform. The way the agency deliver services and scale the agency to protect critical infrastructure under his leadership systems operational partnerships with the private sector national security community. Intelligence international partners were significantly enhance prior is operational role at sister. Brian was an assistant secretary. Dhs serving as the secretary's advisory cybersecurity emerging technology matters leaning strategic initiatives across the us government in in allies to counter chinese espionage and unfair business practices. Brian is an entrepreneur co founding of intel artificial intelligence company in nineteen ninety eight which he led as ceo through multiple rounds of venture capital investment until. It was acquired twenty thirteen by haystacks after serving a cto of haystack for several years during which he helped the company acquire leading cloud technology cyrus companies. Brian took over as ceo. Haystacks twenty sixteen until its acquisition in twenty eighteen. Brian started his professional career leading. Defense contractors working on advanced technology platforms like the star wars programme early. Uav payloads in immersive simulation in he holds a degree in applied optics from rose home in institute of technology. It's my pleasure introduce a former director cybersecurity at cisa current founder and ceo of next five. Mr brian wear brian. Welcome to task for seven radio. Budding also glad to be here. Thank u m s. Been awhile since we were hanging out. It's been since the pandemic we're able to get together scottsdale for a sign it in really hang. You're still insists at the end and it was great to catch up with you and i'm always please. Would i get a chance to hang around. You'll get your like minded and you're just killing it out. There appreciate taking time was up right before right after our 'save is if it was right before it was it was actually my last time on an airplane was january february of last year. January writers scottsdale generates might have been my last time. Also we'll look at next time with a another warm place to go. Hang out at some point this winter. It's just a lesson. Andy that when you got up opportunity to be at a resort in scottsdale drinking wine You should you should take full advantage of it and treat it like it's your last because it was on be that's right it's might be. I know it's lessons for life right. You never know. I love it will look. I'm super excited. Heavy on and You've done so much in your career. I know you barked on a new journey next five. We'll get into that. But i'd love for you to set the stage for the audience around just a little bit about your journey and then how did that land over at cisa and kinda. How'd that play out in definitely wanna hear you know kind of what you're doing next. Yeah that's awesome. I so i started my educational career as a as a scientist is what i wanted to be when i grew up. I figured out that wasn't a great college student. certainly didn't want to go get a phd. Which kind of what. The physics required. So i went out and try to get a job in the first job that i that i got. Put a computer my desk instead of put me in a laboratory And you know. I was trying to help build simulations of the the star wars system of the strategic defense initiative and knowing really very little about computer programming knowing just enough you know optics physics to be dangerous and i guess the next thing. I kind of figured out my career was. I wasn't a great computer programmer. Either but it was a pretty decent designer. I can understand you know hard problems and try to translate those into into software Compelling interfaces and tools for user and that became a real passion of mine in a real strength of mine and worked for a number of defense kind of contractors building optical systems for. Uab's or very very early uav's before we can build uab's their payloads and eventually some friends. And i decided that we were tired of working for the man so to speak and felt like we. Could you know we could build our own company Build it to be more a product company. So we started coming. Cultural sandbox digital sandbox is all about using What now everyone calls. Ai but just using analytics good algorithms to to make To reason about nick predictions about the future in ways that you could prioritize like the most likely the most risky things to happen and then overlay on does out risk management strategy so we built a digital inbox ran into a couple rounds of venture capital. You know ended up with about a third of our customers during the law enforcement stays in about a third of the national security space third of were large Corporate brands large banks. The nfl and others really need business that i learned a lot as the ceo of amid i sold at school. Private equity platform called haystacks. And we just kept building building your take advantage of a lot of a i in digital sandbox and combining with it security cloud security companies to build more cyber analytics business. And i left at. I let into ceo and then found my way

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