A highlight from 2590 - Is Unwavering Democratic Support for Israel Finally Ending? w/ MR Crew


Author of except for palestine the limits of progressive politics marc lamont hill. We'll be here also on the program today. Joe biden finally calls for a ceasefire as israelis continue to pummel palestinians over two hundred palestinian civilians killed including over sixty children. The supreme court dobbs v jackson's women's health could be the case that cripples roe v wade protections. Us announces it will ship twenty million additional vaccine doses abroad. These are fda approved as opposed to the astra zeneca which we've promised have yet to approve new report. Trump's doj trying to force twitter to reveal the identity of debt. Newness is cow that anonymous handle that mocked devon newness fact. There was this subpoena that was revoked until or revoke once biden gotten office. Meanwhile congratulations andrew. Cuomo it's revealed set to earn five million dollars from his co. vid leadership book. Congratulations not in the humor. Section the national labor relations board examining possible election infractions by amazon at the bessemer warehouse

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