Sustainable Swaps for an Eco-Friendly Summer


Least you want to get us started with kind of like a home outdoor pick. Yeah this is an interesting one. We have shared by this on our tiktok and instagram. If you want to check out an actual video this one recommendation is actually comes. Thanks to my husband. Who randomly found this product in our local store which is a job along so essentially. This is a fire log made from recycled coffee. Grounds at the brand is called java log and it's full Pine mountain java it's super cooler yengo whiteout vija it burns like the real thing and essentially what it is. It's over sleigh agreement alternative to the fires for the fires. You enjoy i. I am so captivated by faris. I know there are environmental impacts. Right when we're burning staff in terms of carbon dioxide and stuff like that all the chemicals start go into environments but this is just another more green more friendly auction for you. That'll cool yeah. I never really thought. I mean either. I never thought about that. I mean you've seen. I've seen some other lake. Logs made out of differ materially coffee grounds. That's so cool. Yeah again using waste to do something useful with it. I always love products like that. And so would they do. Would they say that. Obviously there fire looks cleaner than horwood and produce as image eighty percent less carbon monoxide. Up to seventy five percent less particular matter you can see more of the nerdy information on their website as well yes and that goes back to what you just mentioned which some people are gonna win their out campaign or if they're in somebody's backyard they feel a little bit guilty about the environmental impacts of fires. But like you just mentioned it looks like this is a way to potentially cut down on some of those carbon emissions and the stuff. It's getting into the air. I know my neighborhood in seattle there of course on next door. Everybody's favorite place right. Not a few people always like angry. Things like who's burning a fire kind of thing so like i think this is a nice example where you could say well verna fire but i also use somebody that was really go friendly. So hey why not.

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