A highlight from Balloon Ride - 5 Minute Guided Meditation

I Love Sleep


Think of something while you're breathing. May it is something that brings you. Joy like favorite book of yours. Or maybe a favorite photo that your member taking as you breathe again. Think of that photo. Think of that book. Think of whatever makes you happy and let it bring a smile to your face while you still remain calm breath men and breathe out is super important to be very calm and be very happy during your day. Now think of yourself as if you are flying flying on hot air balloon or maybe on a magic carpet. You're flying through the air gently soaring above the clouds. You can see the birds chirping but delight you feel so calm and at peace take another deep breath in and exile starting out as the rainbow shining bright throughout the sky with all different colors red orange yellow green blue purple and maybe even some pink these colors. Illuminate the sky. As you travel. You decide that you want to stay in the air for a little bit longer so you go higher and the balloon rises and rises and rises. Take another deep breath and now the balloon going even higher this time. You're leasing the clouds and you're going further and further and further into the sky. You're now among the stars you can see the moon and you can see earth as you're saying goodbye you can see shooting stars and you can see the moon with all of us many craters. Isn't it so beautiful. The shining galaxy with all of his fascination and mysteries while we may never know what lies beyond them. It is a very calming thought. As you go higher and higher and higher take another deep breath in and now and once you realize that you do not want to go any higher because you may never know what lies beyond space you decide to descend is a very peaceful journey back you sink from the stars all the way back down to earth you can see the sky. The clouds the birds and the rainbow once again take final deep bracken and now your balloon sinks to where it started and while you're bit upset better this over remember that this bloom is always there for you whenever you want to take a ride up to the stars again. Thank you for joining me on this five minute and remember our brave and the balloon is always there.

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