Gina Brown on the Invisibility of Women Living With HIV



Jump right in so you found out that you were living with hiv about twenty seven years ago and at that time how much did you know about. Or how familiar were you with hiv. My knowledge of hiv was gay guys. I remember watching the evening news talking about it even before. They had a name for it and they were calling in grid and gay plague and but it only impacted gay people right so you wind. Gay you okay. I'm good or even if if you were a lesbian. They weren't talking about hiv and lesbians. They were talking about hiv engaged. Men so you still feel like you good. No one was talking about it with women only knew what i saw on the evening news. I remember once watching the guys go up to capitol hill and they on stretchers wheelchairs. And i'll walk. I was so scared. And they had a sign and the sign says silence was dead and stay with me although she is. Do you mind telling the story of when you were told about your diagnosis. Because i think it's an amazing example of what not to do. Oh my goodness dad. Day is seared in my mind. I think if i got alzheimer's i remember that day. I i got the phone call it. And then she'll phone call on april fools day. Hey prefers and to answer the phone. Lady a mask with jean. O'brien i said speaking. And she said hey. This is miss lonzo from charity hospital. And i laughed and i laughed because it was april fool's day and i thought it was one of my friends clam joke this lady. She finally convinced me that she was really from the hospital. And she said we need you to come in. We need to talk to you about one of your test results. And i said okay and and when i went the door was open. Scientists took my hand in untapped on the door and She said come in and when she commenced should never looked down never looked out and then finally sheets of paper. She put him in front of her face. And she said while you have aids and you're gonna die

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