A highlight from EP. 529 - How The Worlds BIGGEST Bodybuilder Got HUGE ft. Craig Golias


All of us love using these electrolytes pre workout post workout. Love love love love anyway. Love anyway you know now loft love love love. Well i love it. I'm going to start using that word now. Anyway but what. I was gonna say was as far as performance. I used to think. Because i used to do a lot. I used to play soccer. I did a lot of bodybuilding. I used to think that i had to eat. A lot of carbohydrates pre workouts be able to perform three hundred four hundred. And if i didn't have my carbs. I wouldn't be able to perform but when i started doing kito doing carnivore fasting. I noticed that one of the big key missing factors adequate hydration and not just drink a lot of water but having adequate electrolytes. That's element comes it. If you actually use these electrodes are gonna notice a boost in performance. A boost hydration. You're not going to be crapping. Be feeling great during the workouts. Just overall awesome over awesome. And what's awesome about an element as they make really really easy for you so you can do it. We do which is get the value bundle.

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