Herrera Wins LaLiga



What a weekend we are coming off in europe. Plenty of hardware handed out and plenty of players from this region now have league winners medals dangling around their necks. Let's start in spain lollygag. What a title race. This was the very very jump back and forth. They went back and forth. They went in the end. Athletico madrid are your champions of spain. They do so thanks to a two one win over by other lead on the weekend holding off real madrid in the process. Eco didn't start but that's no surprise husband. Starting much of late. He did enter in the eighty fifth minutes. It was on the field. Is that the won. This title no surprise for anyone who's been following this title race. All season long luis suarez of course of course scored the goal that ends up getting outlet the title but as far executive reta concerned. Her it's pretty significant. He didn't start but he was on the field in the most important moments of the season here for diesel semi so clearly has faith in era. When it comes to the big moment it may not be the mexican national team fans want from it that let the it may not be the role. That judge wants athletic. Buddy has a significant role. In what is now the league champions of spain.

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