How Open Access Science Leads to More Citations

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Meat cure macneice who's from melbourne originally but usually resides in cambridge working for the famous press the publishers care wise open publishing so important now cambridge university press exists as an organization to try to advance knowledge research and learning and part of that mission is what we do in publishing research we publish about four hundred journals plus fifty books and as well as just publishing research we care about making sure that best practices are followed in research and the research we publish is robust and reliable and so we work with communities of authors and researchers and without journal editors to try and ensure that we can support upcoming best practices and research and what is open publishing much it made of well so are there a few aspects often people will talk about open access publishing and this means access to the published papers once they put out there on the internet or in print form and a lot of these in the past have been subscription access only and there's solid movement around the world which we fully support for more open access to the results of research so these papers can be read by anyone and learned from anyone around the world but also looking at open research across the whole research life cycle there are practices being developed around sharing information long before we get to the publication stage and also sharing the data and other materials that underpin what's published in that final stage all to support greater transparency. Indeed you probably know that this motion at the university of sydney and chemist in fact still is doing work on. Malaria is one of the pioneers in this country of that sort of approach and she actually won the eureka prize for the promotion of science last year. So you probably know about her. Yes i think that work is fantastic. I think i must have just missed her. When i was in england. I think she started at cambridge just after i left in her phd. That i think the whether they're doing is great. Supporting fully author notebooks in library such and the like

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