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So j. destroy ever join teams. I mean he doesn't seem like the kinda guy who plays well with others right hill team up occasionally miles if objectives line for example when he and bishop joined up during messiah war to kill cable and apocalypse oh and once time travelling despot king the conqueror manage to recruit strife onto an inter dimensional team to take over the universe. Save the world. What i'm jaded and mile stokes and we are here to explain the x. men because it's about time someone did welcome to episode three hundred thirty nine of jay and miles explain the x. Men were we. Walk you through the ins and outs and the wreck cons of comics greatest superhero soap opera and welcome for a grab bag full of punching. That's right we are. We are making a rare swerve this weekend. We are covering a solo book so some. Yeah i mean that's wolverine and that's mainly because it crosses over with uncanny x men but still the point is there's a great deal of punching and some of that punching also involves clause that are made of bone but seem extremely tough as if the writers and artists sometimes forget that they're not meddle anymore sometimes curved to which really worries me. Oh yeah those have got a really hurt coming out. Or just being sheathed inside logan's forearms. They wouldn't fit. I have a lot of questions. Some of my questions are also about wolverine. No longer has a nose but maybe we're getting ahead of ourselves. You know reasons reasons. So before we jump in congratulations on surviving. The horrific heat wave Yeah as we record this. It is wednesday. June thirtieth and portland is back to a relatively normal summer temperature if a little bit hotter than usual and it was it was rough. I felt very fortunate to be able to keep myself safe. And i know that wasn't the case with everybody and we're sort of starting to understand how bad it was for a lot of people and some people that didn't make it through so it's it's not great. I'm so yeah. Climate change superhero guys. Not good we should. We should fix that. Please people in charge of things so weird to me that that isn't over a significant factor in the dark post-apocalyptic x-men futures. It's true yeah. I mean giant. Robots are no good but honestly like half of the world being underwater and the climate becoming horrible as be way worse. Yeah i was gonna say humanity seems far far more well either efficient or laissez faire about finding ways to kill off off. Yeah i get it though. I mean in terms of comic book. Plotline like if you're going to have a dark humanity created future than having the manifestation there of be robots means that your heroes can punch that future it's a little hard to punch melting glaciers. Like you can but it doesn't really accomplish much punch. The sun can punch the son. That jerk doesn't go well but you can do it. It's true it's true but anyway we are tangent tting allot admittedly for. I think good reasons. But we're here to talk about x. Men stuff and i think before we talk about x. men stuff we should talk about what happened previously on x. Men okay first of all fighting. The sun is a very x-men thing to do. Yeah i mean especially if you're sentinels and it comes full circle but anyway as you were saying. I'll remember fatal attractions. Were going to go back to that for a second. That was that nineteen ninety-three ex-lion crossover will make neto came back from the dead interrupted. A funeral yelled at the x. Men the news magnetism to mess up earth's electrostatic magnetic field and rep the adamantine amount of wolverine skeleton Yeah wolverine mostly recovered. But as he did he gradually became more feral the adjective not the exports character. This whole plotline resulted in him eating. Kfc while gradually smelling worse and worse than the forest outside the executor institute. He also started having trouble. Suppressing his violent side his more best. You'll impulses and let's take it back a year earlier to executioners song the nine hundred ninety two ex-lion crossover where cable's clone slash apocalypse. Future airstrikes did a number of bad things while whining about how nobody understood him and trying to feed his parents baby food. Strife died or at least apparently died. No one ever really dis likewise apocalypse. But both of them left behind Complex legacies yes and not just the legacy virus. I mean that too but that is not relevant right. now we're talking about different legacies in this arc so to cover the books we're gonna be talking about today. We need to back a little bit to wolverine number one hundred. What happened there. Oh a lot of things Mainly punching in explosions but the short version is that while he was on a mission the nature of which isn't particularly relevant right now. Logan was captured by genesis. That's tyler day spring right Yes as opposed to the console that does what nintendo don't who is also tolliver. Yes who is also cable son from the future who kinda sucks but mainly because he was captured and brainwashed traumatized by the aforementioned strife ooh so these kind of apocalypse grandkid something along those lines. Interestingly enough if that name sounds familiar at not just because you know it's got sonic the hedgehog until jam and earl it's because genesis is also the name of apocalypse is recently revealed wife for many thousands of years ago. Isn't it us than that evans or was going. I think it is. I guess if you related to apocalypse you just have to be named genesis. Regardless of that relationship creates a kind of fundamental contrast.

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