Wirepas CEO, Teppo Hemiä, Explains What Massive IoT Is


Today's guest is temple hegna. Who is the ceo of wire pass. Hello teppo hello stacy. Thanks for having me and great. Great to be here with you. Yes i am really excited. I feel like. I've talked to you. A bunch i've talked to some of your customers and i thought you know it's time to have him on the show to explain a couple of concepts to people because well i think this will. We'll talk about it. It's an exciting time for for what we call massive iot so first off. Let's very briefly. Tell people what wire pass is doing. Yeah so why are you passing say A finnish company. We focus on wireless connectivity. He offering itself. We have introduced. I in the world this fully decentralized networking approach which is especially focusing on this internet of things. Must've iot as we as we started. Okay and you guys aren't making the physical radios you make the software that people then build radios using and it's this distributed mesh network that is pretty low power and you can fit a lot of radios in one space i. I'm very impressed with how scalable this is. So we'll talk a little bit about all of that but let's first talk about this concept of massive iot because i you know i've been talking to erickson for a while. And they started using it. And i was like hold up. Hold up what. What is this. And they're just like a lot of sensors. And i think we could probably do better so when we talk about this. What is this concept really entail. Yes so you know. We'll view massey by the has. Been the right vision and of a right promise for for the kutai and but it really boils down to the affordability so when the cost of connection is clearly lower than the value of the data. That you're getting with that connection. Then you start to really see a massive growth and scale

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