A highlight from M2 AND M1X Macs incoming + Woz pushes Apple for right to repair! (CultCast #500!)


Wonder coal to mac is cranking out the articles. You know you just. You have a way with people lewis. You know how to motivate people into doing their best work. You like the oprah of the the apple world helping people do their best work live their best lives. I'm positively now. I just read a review on the thing saying you know the podcast to negative. So it's gonna be positively from here on out you'll be missing sunshine say. I'm positive at if ever find person who wrote that review. I'm going to show them how. I amac writers. They're going to be eating slop in the cult. Amac penn cranking out articles. All right guys. We got a lot of stuff. Talk about this week We officially started. I'll just say this one. More time. I know because some people didn't catch the the official start. It is episode five hundred today and i'll probably include some of the the pre show in the bonus. Materials guys can hear the conversation that we good idea. Well not all not all lord not all the parts can put it in there without getting banned from lightens. Say thank you for listening. Thank you for sticking with us and if you have not yet left us a itunes review and you want to do that. We would deeply appreciate that. You could go in and comments about the the wonderful nostril noise that you always hear breathing and Sub-conscious terrible isn't it might be might be a good thing okay. So what do we have going on this show so much stuff. So we're gonna talk about 'em to max. We have a new. A new report mini report. That they're right around the corner and you might be yourself. Wait a second dude. What happened to the m one x maxwell. I mean stay tuned. We can talk about that too the mta. Max right around the corner. Guess what's coming next. Guess what's coming next buddies. So we'll talk about that we've got some. We've got some stories here on right to repair now. I know a lot of people find this topic to be boring. But i actually think this is really interesting was voiced his opinion on on this this week in a youtube video and and it looks like president biden i think is going to be signing something that will have the ftc making rules to allow right to repair. And if you don't know right right right right to repair is we'll we'll just talk about it. This could radically change the way. Technology has made and your right to repair the stuff that you get so many things. We're just together. So this could be an interesting developments. Not just in the world of of iphones and macs but across the entire ecosystem of technology. Like dishwashers and washing machines. I you name it. Also we're going to talk about home pas a little bit because there's an update that's out that you need to hear about if you have a home pod because it could actually brick your compiled entirely and if we have time. Let's see here where we at right now. I'm looking at apple stock right now. Just don't look at leander this mall because someone's going rasp the reasoning. Well now you're going to be a mouth breeder breather. I'm not sure which is worse. The host raspberries like a yeti throughout the episodes unprofessional and unpleasant listening Leander looks like he's got balance Squares of teepee shoved up each national now to address his His serious nasal noise issue. You know what. I'll let you know if this works when. I'm going through an editing audio because i never have to lower the volumes for lewis. My volumes are always fine. It's it's we ever yours on the window. A novel really self conscious. You know get is one of those bright strips. Those things that you put on your nose like open up your nostril athletes. They don't close the they open recommended for Swimming no we're gonna minute for any water activities for sure so we'll do an apple stock updates if if we have time here at the end for those that don't know i have over one hundred thousand dollars well over one hundred thousand once worth of apple stock now apple stock is at an all time high and not believe it it has been on a rally for the last two. I haven't been paying attention to it. And then all of a sudden. I looked and i was like holy moly. It has been going up like crazy so we will talk about that. And i'll tell you exactly how much my stock is worth. Oh yeah we just beat the all time high before we do that. I'm gonna send it over to editor louis walls to talk about the cult amax store and you're also plug the giveaway lewis combo. Just do a combo read here. Because they're kinda related. You know okay. Aren't they kind of get your best shot. Come with your best shot. I so okay. The giveaway this week is the collar trek leather air. Tag dog collar. And if you see. I don't know if you could show people picture. Were watching it it. But it's a really kind of a beautiful looking dog collar. It's gotta wait a second louis. Yes isn't this the same color. You're wearing your grinder profile picture. I don't want those people find me. So yeah the the collar. He's a little bit of an out of love field kind of a thing. The caller has a place where the you snap the air tag in there and it shows the air tag so that you know if your dog gets away and somebody finds it they have a clue that there's an air tag in there you know they. They claim that they're the first company to do that. And the only. I don't know if that's true but It is the only one i've seen and it looks like a really nice really nice collar. Nice and sturdy. Nice line You know looks like it. Looks like it'd be really comfortable. It looks like it was made by her. Ms yeah it's fine with the dog and so You know every week. We got a new giveaway. You go to our website. You scroll down to where it says you know. It's really well hidden. It says giveaway you sign up. All you gotta do is sign up for our free newsletter or visit our page on facebook. You know handle the things you can do to rack up entries

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