Mark Levin Endorses Josh Mandel for U.S. Senate


Com You know, I endorsed you a few years back, didn't I? You. Did you did You endorse me? If years back, I'd be honored to earn your endorsement. Now, I recently got endorsed by the Senate Conservatives fund. This is an organization that does not do too many endorsements. But they endorsed people in the past, like Ted Cruz and Mike Lee and others. I've also proudly been endorsed by the club for growth. I'm a huge fan of the club for growth there at the pointy tip of the spear. Standing up for liberty, individual liberties and fiscal responsibility. They've endorsed me as well. And our mutual friend, Mike Lee endorsed me also. So I would be more than proud to earn your endorsement. Mark. Well, I I'm going to endorse you endorsed you before. Nothing has changed. I believe that you'd be in the United States Senate. I believe that you would be part of the Mike Lee, Ted Cruz, Rand, Paul some of the others. Um, whether whether some of them endorse her or not, is of no consequence to me. I would have no reason to change my endorsement. You have been consistent in your viewpoints and your principles for years and years and years you've been willing to take on the establishment party Now you're willing to take on the never Trumpers. And I share your principles. That's the most important reasons. So of course I will endorse you from this platform. Uh, which which I used in the past to endorse other candidates as well. So It's Josh Mandel dot com. Josh Mandel dot com When it comes to fundraising, he's definitely the underdog. But when it comes to hard work going through the communities throughout the state of Ohio Going to churches and synagogues throughout the state of Ohio. Standing up for our principles consistently not recently, but consistently. I think your

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