Why Do We Love Snacks so Much?


I want to start with a simple question. That might be a sort of philosophical question but i want to know from both of you why we love snacks so much and i don't just mean the three of us i mean pretty much everyone in the entire world. Well my first answer was going to be at. We love snacking because we have too much free time or is it coming from boredom but then that kind of oblique answer but i think maybe people just love a small joy. You know like had love like a free perfume sample. It's coming from the same part of my dna. There's just like a little something a freebie. Yeah it's a little salt thing. It's little sweet something. And i just need those keep me going. Yeah it's like. Snack is entertainment. Which i feel like every candy bar commercial ever is like playing into you know absolutely entertainment. Yes it's a hobby. It's it's definitely a hobby for some of us. And i some of us. It's a career andrea. What why do we love snacking so much i would say it also plays into the psychology of rewarding. I think it's an indulgence. And i think that that plays into not just like the nostalgia of all of us growing up at a time where snacks or like our parents weight of like feeding us when they were both working et cetera. I think it also has to do with that pleasure that we're giving ourselves in the form of a snack yes. I can't tell you how many times i've been like sitting at my desk. And i'm like as soon as i finish editing this piece i can go get a snack. And it's like the dangling carrot. You guys did your parents give you a treat when you were potty training feeling that's when it starts this deep pavlovian stuff like i got candy if i pooped in the potty. That is real. And we'll how we just convert or osu basically at animals okay so andrea tell us a little bit about what snapshot is and. What's your great ambition besides taking over the world of snacking and becoming the like the ultimate snacks year with your predictions. Iaea i think in the beginning. I sort of thought of us space where we can just be like. If this is really offering a meditation. What does that even mean and snapshot is the rebelliousness playfulness to this industry. That sometimes people take too seriously. It's like you know. I get it but like this. Adopt the genyk drink has not really gonna change my life. You know.

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